Breaking Down The Cost Of Private Tutoring In Canada (Updated 2023)


The cost for independent private tutors has always been hard to pin down. And while more students enroll today than ever before, many parents still struggle choosing between all their children’s teachers – especially when they need one who specializes in teaching specific subjects.

So how does tuition break down? How much does tutoring cost per hour? Is one tutor cheaper than another? In this article, I’ll share all these insights, along with some useful tips to keep you pointed in the best direction when searching for the best deal possible. But first things first:

Tutoring Costs & Payment Structure

In general, private lessons tend to run anywhere from $30-$90/hour depending on your city and location. However, there are several different ways that tutors charge and structure their services. Some offer hourly payment plans, others offer weekly packages, and others offer monthly subscription packages. There are even companies that provide “on call” lessons for families who require help during certain times of day or week.

The Costs of Private Tutoring Services in Canada depend on numerous factors that are usually coupled together to determine a set hourly rate for the student in question.

Cost of Private Tutoring Broken down by Companies

  • Tutor Doctor

    – Tutor Doctor’s pricing scheme varies based on the number of hours you purchase in advance. As per their dynamic pricing, you pay less $ if you pay for multiple hours ahead of time. Tutor Doctor will charge parents anywhere between $40-80/hour depending on the package of your choice.
  • Tutor Bright

    – TutorBright charges their clients a flat fee of $57/hour and they bill monthly based on the number of sessions you get.
  • Prep Academy Tutors

    – At Prep Academy Tutors, they do not have one “standard rate” for tutoring services. Instead, hourly tutoring prices have a range, based on teacher qualifications, experience, and the amount of time the tutor has been with Prep Academy. Prep Academy also claims to have tutors that are Ontario certified.

To put things into perspective, a senior math tutor for grade 11 math can cost up to $75/hour.

  • Scholars Ed

    – Scholar’s Ed pricing depends on their location – each local office offers different prices. For example, their Toronto Tutoring Services can cost anywhere between $45-55/hour. This number might be different in another city, say, Vancouver, BC. Scholars Ed claims to have tutors that hold Ph.D. in the field they would tutor your child.
  • TutorOne

    – TutorOne currently offers a pricing scheme with monthly payments via credit/debit cards. The cost of tutoring for elementary and high school students can be anywhere from $42-60/hour depending on the number of hours per week. For example, if you want to enroll your child in TutorOne’s program for 5 hours a week, you will pay $45 per hour.

Private tutoring rates by Individual Tutors

If you rather wish to reach out to different individual tutors and find out about their expertise on your own, you can do so using the following websites below. It is advised that you ask for proof of whatever they claim to have (their university transcripts, references, police checks etc.) since you it is the first time you are making contact with this individual and they have not been checked by a private company.

  • Kijiji – If you have all the time on your hands and want to save money, you can probably find the cheapest tutors on Kijiji. Expect to pay anywhere from $25-50/hour depending on the confidence, experience level of the tutor, and the subject difficulty.

Note that Kijiji does not check the background of their tutors. It is even possible to see ads from students who are not enrolled in any post-secondary institution. Anyone with a computer/phone or internet access can post ads on Kijiji.

  • University Tutor

    – University Tutor is probably a better choice than Kijiji simply because it is tutoring specific and you can easily see tutor qualifications, experience, and area of service. On average, tutors on this platform charge anywhere between $35-70/hour. Like Kijiji, tutors get to set their own rate and keep 100% of their earnings.
  • First Tutors Canada

    – First Tutors Canada has a platform of their own for tutoring and is very similar to University Tutor. They do all the background checks and attract high-quality tutors but they are not cheap. First Tutors will charge you $50-100/hour depending on similar factors mentioned above.


Private Tutoring Rates by Type (Online vs In-Home Tutoring)

Firstly, on average, you usually pay more than Kijiji tutors for anyone on one tutoring session. This is not set in stone, but if they’re a reputable company that takes time to better improve their tutors on a 1-on-1 level, then you’re looking to pay anywhere from $45 to $75 an hour for professional in-home private tutoring. Keep in mind that, due to COVID-19, most agencies, including TutorOne do not offer in-home private tutoring services.

COVID-19 RatesOnline Tutoring

Coronavirus has certainly affected most, if not all areas of our daily lives. Previously, in-home tutoring was the primary way of delivering quality instruction, and both parents and students preferred this method due to its obvious advantages. I mean, what can be better than having a private tutor come to your home to teach your child, on-one-one, with no distractions?

Most private tutoring agencies, including TutorOne, have shifted from in-home to online methods. Does this mean bad news for your child (children)? Not necessarily. Online tutoring in Canada, if done properly, comes with its own advantages such as recording lessons and increased responsibility of your kids. Check out our newly posted article on Online Tutoring in Ontario for more information.

Back to the cost. One would expect them to drop since agencies no longer have to pay for tutors’ transportation fees and their travel time.

However, there is no significant drop in the cost of virtual tutoring due to the following:

  • Technology, including the hardware and software, is not cheap and costs agencies extra $
  • Online instruction is harder for tutors due to the challenges (physical restrictions, student distractions etc.) associated with it

Cost of Private Tutoring Broken Down by Subject

On average private math tutoring, Computer Science and Engineering tutoring services are the most expensive subjects to get tutored for in Toronto (at the university level).  Generally, Math and Physics in-home tutoring sessions are priced higher than chemistry, biology or English/ESL tutoring services. This pricing is heavily dependent on the experience of the tutor needed to effectively explain difficult math and physics subject in a fashion that breeds learning and understanding.  For elementary school tutoring, generally speaking, the cost is relatively consistent for all subjects.

Math Tutoring Services

– Both private and online math tutoring services (including sessions at math learning centres) in the Greater Toronto Area average around $60/hour. Proper math foundations are essential at every educational level.

University Calculus Tutoring

– This and essay writing are two of the most common areas undergraduates seek Tutors for. The cost of University calculus tutoring at the post-secondary level averages around $75/hour.

Advanced Science Tutoring Services (Chemistry & Physics)

– The cost of private science tutoring services will vary by difficulty of the course in question. It is safe to say that the average private science tutoring agency charges $65/hour. At TutorOne we provide you with high quality chemistry, biology, physics and general science tutoring services for a fraction of the price.

ESL Tutoring

– In Canada, ESL tutoring services are usually more expensive than regular English tutoring for elementary or high-school students. Adult ESL tutoring services usually averages to that of advanced university level History, English and Essay Writing tutoring services. Both TutorOne and ExamReady2Day offer ESL help to individuals in need. The cost for these services can range anywhere from $60 to 80/hour.

Rates for English, Reading and Essay Writing Services

Ranging from $45 to $60/hour, these services can be provided for children in elementary and high schools of Ontario, BC and Alberta, as well as other provinces in Canada.

Private Tutoring Broken Down by Difficulty

Generally, not all tutoring sessions are the same. Private Tutoring is special in that the degree of difficulty is heavily dependent on the personal needs of the student and the tutor’s ability to effectively meet those needs, and all other concerns that would arise. Consequently, at Tutor One we offer Free in-home assessments to remove any bias from private tutoring by connecting your student with the best tutor that has been trained to meet their needs and match their personalities.

Difficulty of in-home and private tutoring at the subject level increases with age and course material. For example, an undergraduate calculus tutor is expected to have mastered the more advanced parts of calculus or related mathematics and be able to apply it in a manner that promotes understanding and growth to a university level student. Because there is a high academic level of mastery required to successfully tutor a university calculus student, the hourly wage for most university and post-secondary private and online tutors is higher than regular high-school or elementary math tutoring services.

  • Private Elementary School Tutoring:

    Private tutoring for elementary school tutoring is heavily dependent on the level of tutoring required. Generally, for a good private tutor this can be anywhere between $45/hr and $55/hr.
  • Cost of Special Needs Tutoring:

Special needs tutoring requires highly patient, really experienced tutors in order to meet the demands of the students properly. A person with non special needs experience can still tutor children

  • High School Tutoring:

    Private High School tutoring increases with subject and difficulty. On average, the highest private in-home high school tutoring services are for grade 12 AP/IB subjects like AP Calculus, Chemistry, Biology & Physics. Most university and college-level private high school tutoring services in Canada can range anywhere between $54/hr and $64/hr.
  • University Tutoring:

    Generally, university-level tutoring cost is 1-2 times higher than regular and advanced level high school tutoring. At TutorOne, all private university-level Tutoring begins at $49/hour. The industry standard for private tutoring services ranges from $65 all the way up to $175 hourly depending on the subject area tutored and the qualifications of the tutor in question.

Should You Choose An Online Tutor?

Finding an amazing tutor can prove difficult; however, there are definitely advantages of going to an online course instead of a face-to-face class. There are actually quite a few perks to learning via video conferencing rather than being physically present in front of your student. Below are five reasons why online classes offer great value and savings for parents and students alike.

1) Lower Cost: Instead of spending hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousand dollars on tuition each year depending upon how often you wish to attend face-to-face tutoring sessions at a traditional location, now you can simply log onto Zoom and enjoy virtually unlimited tuition for anywhere between $8-$50 per hour. Plus, online tutoring offers flexibility in scheduling, giving you added peace of mind knowing your schedule isn’t restricted due to conflicts with a face-to-face class.

2) More Efficient Course Curriculum: With a live session scheduled via online video conferencing, you won’t waste precious instructional time waiting around for others attending the same program. Furthermore, online courses provide flexibility allowing you to learn at whatever speed works best for you without sacrificing valuable classroom instruction time. This means less wasted hours studying boring topics only to remember little details months after receiving your diploma.

3) Less Hassle: When working with an online instructor, everything happens instantly. No travel logistics, packing your suitcase, waiting for transportation, etc.. Just login and begin!

4) Improved Focus/Quality Assurance & Feedback: Learning is made easier by eliminating distractions, which typically come along with attending traditional class settings. Additionally, when interacting with your virtual instructor, he can gauge your understanding as accurately as possible.

5) Additional Benefits With Our Private Tutoring Service: We understand that paying for tuition privately can sometimes pose challenges. However, with TutorOne Academy we strive to ensure affordability is never compromised for families wanting to enroll their wards in our programs. To learn more about private online tutoring services, please visit our online tutoring services page for more information. We have lots more tips about how online tutoring can help your students, read on and enjoy the benefits and flexibility of online tutoring!

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