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The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) has been a major part of the admissions process of most medical schools for more than 90 years. It is a standardized, computer-based test designed to determine a candidate’s ability in physical and biological sciences, writing, and verbal reasoning. In 2015, however, a new section known as Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior was added to test the ability of candidates to understand psychological, sociocultural and biological influences on behavior. Most medical schools in the United States and Canada require MCAT scores as admission officers use this test as a predictor of an applicant’s success in the medical school. In Canada, some schools set minimum MCAT cut-off scores that applicants must attain in order to be considered. Hence, it is important that an applicant is prepared and ready for this challenging 7½ hour test to stand a chance to be considered during the application process.

We teach MCAT differently


Diagnostic Exam

As scary as it sounds, diagnostic exam lays the foundation of proper understanding of student's current level. Taking the diagnostic exam will familiarize you with the way MCAT is structured and will help you identify and address areas that need to be improved.

We will also talk about exam tips and tricks to get you exam ready in no time


  • Which medschools are you interested in?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How much time can you dedicate to MCAT prep?
  • What books should you use
  • Answering these questions are of utmost importance

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How Private MCAT Tutoring Services Can Help

Preparation is key if you want to perform well in your Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), and get into medical school. With a team made up of talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals, TutorONE provides personalized tutoring designed to help students gain the ability and confidence needed to score well on the MCAT.

We understand how challenging MCAT can be. For many med school applicants with research experience and great GPAs, MCAT is all that stands between them and medical school. TutorONE can help. Our tutoring philosophy is built on an evidence-based strategy, beginning with tests designed to gauge an applicant’s current score level and understand his or her initial strengths and weaknesses. In most cases, students are weaker in one of the sciences, and need some help with CARS.

Besides drafting a customized schedule and guiding our students through our MCAT-based content for preparation, our tutors will help you better understand your learning habits, guide you through creating an effective study plan, and correct any negative patterns you may have developed. All the tutors at TutorONE are equipped with years of teaching experience, ensuring they can help explain confusing concepts, let you know your weak points, and hold you accountable to the study plan that both of you have developed.

TutorONE MCAT preparation service is also designed to cater the needs of three special cases:

Students aiming for a top 10% score:

Are you shooting for a top MCAT score? Typically, students in this bracket do not need help with understanding and memorizing basic science concepts (which is the reason group classes are arranged). For students in this category, our tutors focus on the problem-solving and test-taking abilities that separate the average scores from those in the top 10%.

Students who have completed a preparation class:

Many students who come to us have already completed a MCAT prep class, but still feel that they do not have the score needed to get into medical school. In most cases, these students say the prep class was really good at helping to review the sciences, but didn’t prepare them to effectively apply the knowledge during the exam. Simply put, these students haven’t learned what it takes to think like MCAT-ready applicants.

Students who have taken the MCAT Exam:

The MCAT exam is challenging, so re-taking it will definitely leave a bad taste in the mouth. Most applicants invest a lot of effort into preparing for the test, and when they score under 510, it is only normal that they feel disappointed. TutorONE can help. By focusing on and addressing areas of particular concern, our tutors are able to help students polish their strengths and experience a turn around in problem sections.

Through our personalized private tutoring program, TutorONE’s expert MCAT tutors will help you every step of the way to ensure you stand a great chance of acceptance into med school. This is because:

  • Our Professionals are Dedicated to Your Success

Our MCAT tutors do not only create a customized study plan to ensure you achieve a top-percentile score, but a personal academic strategist can be assigned to you to help you with your essays and application timeline.

  • Flexible Scheduling

Since our MCAT prep program is customized to fit the needs of the student, our tutors work with the student to create a tutor program that maximizes the time available. Whether you are ready to give it a go for 6 months for a full tutoring program or you’ve got only two weeks to prepare, we are your perfect guide.

  • Preparation for the Revised MCAT

The MCAT interface was changed in 2018, and these changes will impact your chances for admission into medical school. As a result, our tutoring program has been aligned to fit these updates and changes. We are committed to giving our students the most realistic preparation materials, in line with the new MCAT system.

  • Focus on Strategy

Scoring 508 and above on the MCAT requires great understanding of science concepts, but even more importantly, applying a strategic approach is key to your success. While many of our students already have a good grasp of science content, turning that knowledge into their desired score has been the challenge. By working one-on-one with students, our tutors at TutorONE are able to focus their efforts on developing a flexible and efficient test-taking strategy that works best for the student and can be turned into a masterful performance on the MCAT.

  • We Have Superhuman Tutors

We do not just hire tutors who aced the MCAT, but those who have the skill and passion for helping their students create and maintain success on the test day – and throughout their life in med school.

Our Materials and Tutoring Methodologies

TutorONE has developed a set of materials, built from scratch for the most recent MCAT. These materials cover every aspect of the test as well as provides a number of sample passages to prepare you for the test. We also realize that there are a number of ways the different aspects of MCAT can be taught. Rather than working with one method and mandating same for all our students, our veteran instructors employ varied teaching patterns to meet the individual learning needs of each student. Our students are eventually tested before the actual MCAT exam, with tests that accurately replicate the format of the MCAT.

If you are interested in going to medical school, taking and acing the MCAT exam is key. Just about every school in the United States and Canada requires applicants and potential candidates to have valid MCAT scores. As it is one of a few factors that the admissions committee consider during the med school application process, your MCAT score can make or break your chances of getting into your dream school. This is why TutorONE has built an effective system to ensure you not only ace your MCAT, built can maintain your success long into your med school career.

In addition to helping students turn their knowledge to solutions on the MCAT, tutors at TutorONE also help them work on their timing to ensure they make the best use of the available time for the test. Taking the MCAT is intensive to say the least. Rather than overwhelm you, our vast amount of content and focused tutorial program is your ideal preparation plan and recipe for success.