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Whether you wish to improve your English skills or get a high score on Standardized Tests, we have a solution for you:

No matter what level you are at, we can help you get the most out of your IELTS prep. Our tutors, apart from teaching you the essentials of IELTS test preparation, will also help you with time management and test anxiety. All of our IELTS tutors are native English speakers of Canadian Spoken English. Depending on your needs, you can book a free assessment with one of our ESL professionals who will help you understand exactly where you are at on your journey and how much time & effort will be needed to get a minimum of 7.0 in each section, a score required by the Canadian government and most universities within the country.

The CELPIP Test is Canada’s leading English language proficiency test. Since all components are completely computer-delivered in just one sitting, it offers a unique testing experience that requires no additional appointments. Like IELTS, CELPIP is accepted by major Canadian organizations & employers for a variety of purposes. Achieving a good score in this test can open many doors within your academic and career life such as getting your Permanent Residency, Citizenship, Startup-Visa program and so much more.

ESL Tutoring

Possessing good communication skills in English will give you the edge in any English speaking country. Whether you are planning to get a job that requires excellent oral and written English or impress your friends, we have the right tutor for you. When you book your first free assessment, one of our qualified ESL tutors will sit down with you to identify your goals and set milestones. This is also a perfect opportunity for you to get clear on exactly what you want and set realistic dates and expectations.

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Minimum Passing Score for Express Entry is 7 in each category

We Teach CELPIP-G and CELPIP General LS

All Levels - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Group Classes and Private Classes Available


Minimum Passing Score for Express Entry is 6.0 in each category

University Admissions & Permanent Residency

All Levels - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Group Classes and Private Classes Available

Why TutorONE?

We start our classes with a full assessment to determine your English proficiency level pertaining to the test that you will be taking. Our Tutor will work with you 1-on-1 to understand your needs and come up with a plan customized to you. We not only help you in reading, writing, speaking and listening but also with time management, test anxiety and practise tests. Want to know where you are at on your IELTS/CELPIP journey? We have hundreds of practise tests in our database and we update them with new questions every month. By timing yourself and taking one of these practise tests before your test date allows you to get rid of the test anxiety and become better at answering questions during your test. Whether you are a working professional or a student, we have a variety of programs to choose from in order to achieve your desired test score.

Meet Our Head ESL Tutor

Kyler A. Professor, IELTS Invigilator

I hold a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Linguistics from Carleton University and a Master of Science degree in Sport Psychology from the University of Jyväskylä. I also hold TESL Canada accredited TESOL and IELTS Preparation certificates from the Canadian College of Educators (Certificate No. 4098). I have been a Professor at Sir Sandford Fleming College (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) since the Fall of 2015. During this time, I have developed and delivered a number of courses including Intro to Psychology, Sport Psychology, Sociology, Inclusion & Diversity and Human Growth and Development. I am a member of the Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas support team where I counsel and advise students pursuing a career in the health sciences. I have also designed and adapted Fleming College course curriculum for Dual Credit students at secondary schools within the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and Durham District School Board. I also act as an IELTS Invigilator with English Testing Canada and have expansive knowledge of and experience with the IELTS Test. Moreover, I work as a part-time Online ESL Tutor for Qkids (Siming District, Xiamen, China) where I deliver English phonics and language lessons to students in China using a narrative game-based learning platform. My teaching philosophy is grounded in Self-Determination Theory (SDT). My goal is to provide students 1) autonomy and independence, 2) competency and confidence, and 3) relatedness and connectedness. By supporting these basic human needs, we watch motivation and performance flourish."

Many Reasons to Learn English with TutorOne

1. Let’s be honest – choosing a tutor can be a daunting task. There are hundreds out there, all with different life stories and talents. So how do we know our Private English Tutors are the best? Well, we have a saying here at TutorOne Toronto: “The proof is in the pudding”. Nearly all of TutorOne's tutors are from Canada and the United States, and many have advanced degrees. Our Private English Tutors have a solid foundation in both academic and non-academic English language learning.

2. TutorOne’s Private English Tutors are well trained to help you communicate more confidently in English. You will improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills. Our Private English Tutors’ will help you understand the best way to deal with everyday challenges. Your English skills will improve steadily.

3. Our Private English Tutors believe strongly that the best way to learn English is one-on-one. You will learn at a pace that suits you. Your tutoring sessions will be more productive and more personal. You will learn English faster and faster each day.

4. TutorOne Toronto is your ticket to a world of opportunities. We offer you the ability to experience a whole new world through learning English.

5. Learning English is all about making connections with others and that is why TutorOne Toronto wants to meet all your other classmates. We want to welcome you personally to our English tutoring community. We have a wonderful network of students to help you and to share your experience with.

6. When you feel confident communicating in English, you are happier and more successful. You are happier at work and the happier you are at work, more successful you will be. You are happier making friends, you are happier at home and you are happier in your own skin.

7. When you learn to speak English like a native English speaker, you learn to see the world in a new way. You learn to think like an English speaker. You are able to appreciate the world and all that it has to offer. By learning English, you increase your confidence and your ability to communicate. You are able to develop close bonds with others and to cherish those who are close to you. You learn to share your love and to be loved.

8. When was the last time you felt inspired, excited and proud of yourself? When was the last time you decided to do something different, something meaningful? You can make all your dreams come true by learning English. You can improve your life and the lives of those around you. You will enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. You will feel accomplished in your career, in your family and in your life.

9. So what are you waiting for? Contact TutorOne Toronto and meet the best English Private Tutors in Toronto. You can reach us by phone, email or simply fill out the online contact form. We have English tutors available for in-home tutoring, after school tutoring, or one on one tutoring 7 days a week.

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