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It is no secret that standardized exams like SAT serve as important guideposts for your academic future. So preparation – both intellectually and emotionally – is essential. However, lots of emotions can creep in as the time for the exam draws near – a combination of excitement, determination, and possibly even confusion can set in. SAT, a test required for admission into many universities and colleges, can be quite challenging as it is very different from the tests you have taken in school.

With the help of practice tests and tools, you can become familiar with the exam, develop the needed skills, and ultimately boost your score. Whether you are juggling through school, assignments, and a host of extracurricular activities, there are SAT preparation tools and tests that not only prepare you for the exam, but can fit your schedule.

What is SAT?

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized entrance exam used for college and university admissions in the United States, and administered by the College Board. It is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper used by most schools to evaluate college applicants, alongside their transcript, essays, GPA, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities.

The SAT exam dates for 2018-2020 are organized from October through January, and in the months of March, May, June, and August every year.  The SAT test is comprised of a reading, writing section, and Language section, and a Math section. It also has a revised essay section which is graded separately. The new SAT format emphasizes scientific reasoning, vocabulary context, and an applicant’s ability to form logical arguments in the reading section. The writing section test is designed to evaluate the logic of a candidate’s ideas and punctuation skills, while the math section evaluates a candidate’s data analysis and real world problem solving skills.

What does a High SATScore Means for You?

You might end up like this guy, BUT it’s worth it!

Many colleges and universities have specific SAT cut-off scores that a candidate must have before they get into school. Your SAT score may also determine the classes you fit into – you may have to join remedial classes if you finish with a low score, and you may just earn credit for certain core classes if you have a high score. SAT scores also play a big role in many merit-based scholarships, and with a good score, you can win scholarships from your school and other organizations.

Below are a list of the SAT Score cutoffs of popular top American Universities & Colleges, this was first scene on PrepScholar’s Blog.

School 25th Percentile SAT 75th Percentile SAT US NewsRanking 2017 Acceptance Rate
Princeton University 1470 1590 1 6%
Harvard University 1470 1600 2 5%
Columbia University 1470 1590 3 6%
MIT 1480 1590 3 7%
University of Chicago 1490 1590 3 9%
Yale University 1490 1600 3 7%
Stanford University 1450 1590 7 5%
Duke University 1480 1590 8 10%
University of Pennsylvania 1450 1570 8 9%
Johns Hopkins University 1460 1570 10 12%
Northwestern University 1400 1560 10 9%
CalTech 1530 1600 11 8%
Dartmouth University 1410 1580 12 10%
Brown University 1440 1580 14 9%
Cornell University 1330 1530 16 13%
Rice University 1450 1570 16 16%
University of Notre Dame 1410 1550 18 19%
UCLA 1250 1500 19 16%
Emory University 1350 1520 21 22%
Georgetown University 1320 1500 22 16%
University of California, Berkeley 1330 1540 22 17%
Carnegie Mellon 1430 1560 25 22%
New York University 1380 1520 30 28%
Georgia Tech 1380 1530 35 23%
University of Florida 1220 1390 35 42%
Boston College 1350 1510 38 32%
Boston University 1290 1470 42 25%
Northeastern University 1400 1530 44 27%
Lehigh University 1270 1430 53 25%
Rutgers University–New Brunswick 1190 1400 56 58%
Penn State 1160 1340 59 50%
George Washington University 1280 1440 63 41%
Clemson University 1220 1390 66 47%
Fordham University 1230 1410 70 46%
University of Pittsburgh 1240 1420 70 60%
American University 1180 1350 78 29%
North Carolina State University–Raleigh 1230 1390 80 54%
Bucknell University 1250 1420 36 (Liberal Arts Colleges) 31%

Whether you are looking to gain admission into your dream school, seeking to earn a big scholarship or trying to opt out of a remedial class, working towards getting a high SAT score promises many benefits. Even if you have taken the test multiple times in the past, you can always improve. Here are seven free SAT practice tests and tools designed to give your performance a big boost, even if you have tried without much success in the past.

Here are Our Favorite & FREE SAT Prep Tools to prepare you to Ace the test!

  1. TUTORONE Test Bank

TutorOne’s comprehensive test bank

TUTORONE is a company that offers a comprehensive test bank for a variety of standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and GRE. Their test bank is designed to help students prepare for these exams and achieve the best possible scores.

The TUTORONE test bank includes a vast array of practice questions, organized by topic and difficulty level, allowing students to focus on their weak areas and hone their skills. The questions are designed to be similar in format and difficulty level to those found on the actual exams, giving students an accurate representation of what to expect on test day.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy Best FREE SAT Prep Test Resources for students

Khan Academy is a personalized learning resource designed to offer free, top quality education for anyone – anywhere. With tons of instructional videos and practice exercises, Khan Academy features a personalized learning program covering a wide range of subjects including macroeconomics, computer engineering, and SAT preparation course. The SAT prep course is unique as Khan Academy partnered with the College Board, the SAT administrator, to create an official preparation course. Not only is the SAT prep course free, Khan Academy created it in collaboration with the test makers!

Khan’s Academy prep course includes thousands of practice questions, tips, video lessons, eight official practice tests, a structured practice plan, and an instant feedback. The impact of the course was studied in 2017:

  • Khan Academy and the College Board discovered that 20 hours of practice on the course yielded an average 115-point SAT score increase.
  • This figure is nearly double the average SAT score of a candidate who didn’t take Khan Academy’s prep course.
  1. CrackSAT

CrackSAT is a free practice tool which offers PDFs of official SAT practice tests and a wide range of both official and unofficial math questions. Most of the questions on CrackSAT are gotten from SAT prep books by renowned test-prep companies including Kaplan and The Princeton Review. The organization of the questions are a major highpoint of the website, as math questions are typically structured in multiple-choice and grid-in categories. The SAT math section covers 15 topics and 4 broad areas: geometry, number and operations, data analysis and probability, and number and operations. In each topic, emphasis is laid on getting the basic principles right to help you ace the SAT exam.

  1. PrepFactory

PrepFactory is a free interactive website that applies a classroom-friendly technology to allow tutors work with multiple students at their pace. The focus here hinges on two major things: quality and convenience. PrepFactory features a comprehensive SAT prep content and unlike other prep resources, there is a user-friendly dashboard that allows tutors track the progress of students, ensuring a personalized experience for every user. PrepFactory implements a level-up system and experience points, making the preparatory process not only rewarding, but fun.

  1. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is a go-to practice tool for SAT exams as it provides invaluable analyses, notes, and summaries of books you may or may not have skimmed through. In addition, it provides in-depth information about SAT, including a comprehensive breakdown of how the tests are conducted, graded, the strategies, and guides to each test section. More so, you’d find SAT subject quizzes, sample questions, tips to guide you for the tests, and a thorough guide to walk you through every aspect of the test. And all of this info will cost you only $0.00!

  1. Kaplan Test Prep

The Kaplan SAT Test Prep offers a wealth of educational practice tools in form of comprehensive courses and tutoring – and a SAT practice test with a score review for free. By registering for any of the online tests on the platform, students can gain valuable insights into what their chosen SAT exam feels like. The Kaplan platform also features a host of informational sessions, ensuring students can all of their questions, including any about SAT exams and college applications.

  1. Number2.com

Number2.com is a unique site that allows users view practice questions, answers, tutorials, create flashcards, and do so much more in the preparation for SAT exams. Interestingly, the course on the platform is customized and optimized to fit the user’s needs and skill level. It is designed to keep track of a user’s progress, and with an immediate feedback for every incorrect answer provided for a practice test, a SAT candidate can quickly learn from their mistakes and work to achieve better scores. Features such as a study plan email system and a vocabulary builder have been added to boost a candidate’s readiness for the test. Indeed, every aspect of number2.com has been designed to ensure students can be prepared the best way possible.

  1. SAT Up

SAT Up is one of the most popular mobile applications for SAT preparations. Featuring mid and full length practice tests, vocabulary games, on-demand coach support, and customized daily workouts, SAT Up is optimized to provide step-by-step solutions so students can gain mastery over all areas of the SAT. In addition, SAT Up prepares students for every SAT section with detailed analytics, over 400 questions, and a standard SAT score format at the end of every quiz and even a percentile score for candidates applying for their college of choice. This SAT prep tool typically gives students an idea of what they might achieve after the actual exam, and the competitiveness of their score.


The 7 free SAT practice tests and tools above were made for students preparing for the SAT exam in Toronto and surrounding areas. Free SAT prep test tools help you identify weaknesses, and will boost your chances of success during the exam. Hopefully, one or a few of them will inspire you to take the bull by its horns and get ready for the next SAT exams. As you familiarize yourself with the exams, you can assure yourself that these sat prep tools can help you gain admission into your dream college like Harvard or Princeton. Study hard, prepare well, and good luck in your SAT exams! If you’re looking for expert SAT tutors or subject specific private tutoring services in Toronto and surrounding areas, the team at TutorOne is here waiting to help you reach your educational milestones!

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