Who Should Adopt TutorOne’s Tutoring Methodology?

Every parent knows that the average public school education system has its faults, but few know that there are alternatives. Every year, parents become educated more about the effectiveness of individualizing children’s education. They understand that learning styles and learning strategies vary greatly among students and that students require additional focus and encouragement to excel, especially in subjects such as math, science, and reading. Students learn differently than adults; children absorb knowledge faster and retain it longer than adults can; and they’re less prone to procrastination. TutorOne’s comprehensive approach teaches kids to think positively, and teaches students when they don’t perform up to par.

"My son recently turned 15, and started taking Advanced Placement exams. He was doing quite poorly in Spanish II and English III, having scored only a 2 and 3 respectively. With one week left before he needed to take the AP test, I decided to enroll him in TutorOne Private Tutoring. His teacher had told me that he was a bright kid, but just didn’t put forth the effort required to excel. My son came home every day telling me about the amazing learning experience he was having with TutorOne. He did score a 4 on his Spanish II test, and his overall grade point average went from a 2.9 (D) to a 4.8 (A+) in Spanish, and a 1.7 (F) to a 4.0 (A) in English. Most importantly though, my son learned to love his studies and got a kick out of seeing his grades soaring. It was truly eye opening to see how one lesson per week changed everything." ~ Lisa H.,Parent, California

The TutorOne Difference

As you are now finding out, TutorOne offers a wide variety of different levels, age ranges, and subjects to accommodate all individual learning styles. What sets us apart from other programs is our commitment to educating and encouraging each student’s individuality, curiosity, and enthusiasm for learning. TutorOne is committed to the belief that every student thrives best in a positive, fun-loving, nurturing learning environment. We encourage our students to explore new ideas and engage in hands-on learning situations. TutorOne does not believe that children benefit from being confined to a class room in front of a standard curriculum all day long.
The TutorOne Difference is about creating an engaging atmosphere in which kids feel motivated to excel. The majority of TutorOne schools operate as small academies; they offer individual learning environments that allow students to interact within a group or with one-to-one tutors.

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How Does it Work?

📞 Initial FREE Phone Assessment

We understand that every child is different when it comes to their personality, learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. During our first phone conversation, we will answer your specific questions regarding your child’s unique circumstances. Our Sales Representatives will then help you choose the best and most affordable tutoring package. If you just want to give us a shot to see if we are a good fit for your student, just ask us for a free half-hour lesson/assessment with one of our experienced tutors. Our tutors pour their hearts into their lessons to ensure that their students get the most out of them. We, therefore, have a 95% success rate with the tutor we select for you.

🥇 Your First Lesson

Once we know a little bit about your child’s learning style and personality, we then match the student with one of our experienced tutors in the field. After finding the right tutor, we send you an email with the lesson link and time. All you have to do is be with your child when the first lesson occurs and ask them how they liked their tutor. If everything goes well, which is the case 95% of the time, we will contact you again to help you choose the best tutoring program for your child. Because all of our lessons are recorded, we are able to monitor our tutors and train them when necessary.

🤲 Regular Support

After you have your first lesson and assessment, we will experiment with the number of tutoring hours per week to find the most optimal schedule for your child. Most of TutorOne's customers receive tutoring 3-4 times a week. Our tutors will always be there for your child whenever they need help with homework from school or test prep. We have experienced university tutors in all regions in Canada.