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Our Reading tutors at TutorOne are here to teach all elementary school-age children how to become elite reading tutors. There are multiple students that each display their own style of learning. As a result, your child may not be getting the proper help to support his or her learning. This is becoming a learning setback. Our tutors are well-trained and accomplished to cover the aspects of Reading: sounding out letters, pronounciation, vocabulary-how to use a dictionary and thesaurus, figure of speech, accents, vowels, summaries, main ideas and the use of silent letters in words.

Imagine taking a reading test and saying certain words wrong because you pronounced the lettes that were supposed to be silent. Marks and points can be taken away due to poor pronounciation. Our tutors are here to assist your child in any areas of reading needed, that way he or she can become an elite reader.

Reading Tutoring Done RIGHT.

On average, students learn to read at around ages 4 to 7-years. Reading is a skill that will benefit students everywhere they go and in everything they do. Everyday, people read books, articles, blogs, TV captions, advertisments, social media postings etc. Regardless of how a student learns, at TutorONE we believe that every child has what it takes to reach their full reading potential. 2 methods that can be applied to reading is consistent practice and a positive attitude. In other words, this instilling an A+ mentality while developing A+ habits. The best part about these methods is that it requires no talent or giftedness. 


Best Reading Tutoring Programs

There are students struggling in the subject of reading. There are some who are successful in reading out words well but have a hard time in the comprehensive aspect. Not every enjoys reading. However, it is an important skill to have and develop especially in today's world.

Reading is used in every subject. It can dictate a student's final grade. There are mant incidents where students have lost marks on tests or assignments due to not reading the instructions or questions carefully. At TutorONE, offer help that will benefit your child not just in English but in the other subject areas he or she learns at school.

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Reading Tutoring Programs at TutorONE

Elementary School Reading Tutoring Toronto

Elementary School level reading tutoring is open for all children within kindergarten to grade 5. Teachers grade their students either Level 0 (Fail), Level 1 (D- to D+), Level 2 (C- to C+), Level 3 (B- to B+) and Level 4 (A- to A+). At TutorONE, we desire for your child to become a Level 4+ reader.  Our tutors will teach students reading concepts such as how to use a dictionary, writing summaries, solving main ideas, how to pronounce words correctly and the use silent letters in certain words. Our tutoring services at TutorONE will help your child drastically imrpove- having him or her becoming a more effective reader. These reading skills can be applied once they reach high school to even post-secondary. Fortunately, our well-trained, high-qualified tutors at TutorOne understand that the student's needs are most important. Anything the student needs to know to be successful in the subject of reading, our tutoring services are here to assist and help your child become an A+ level reader.

Comprehensive Reading

From grades 4 to 5, students learn about comprehensive reading. This aspect of reading carries on up to post-secondary education if the student decides to pursue a subject in English. In this area of reading, our tutors still encourage students to read but once they read the writing piece, at TutorONE we teach how to find the gyst of what they read, making connections from what they read compared to what they already know and think deeply about what they read. These are strategies to help students become more effective reader as they gain a better understanding of what they read.

Extensive Testing

Reading tutors at TutorONE begin with detailed but subtle testing to determine the learning style and specific math-related weaknesses of the child. Based on the results, a reading curriculum is designed to address the particular learning problems and a program that works best for the student.

Reading Tutoring Near ME. Tutoring Services Available in Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill & Surrounging Areas!

TutorONE offers tutoring services throughout Mississauga, Brampton, Whitby, Pickering, Markham and all over the Greater Toronto Area. Whether if the tutored student is at a beginner or an experienced reader, we make sure the right tutor is provided for your child's learning necessities. We understand that learning can be a painful experience especially if a student feels like he or she has to change their style of learning or pace that is uncomfortable. Our tutors will give your child a learning experience that is not only comfortable but fun. It will ultimately benefit your child's learning. With the proper teachings, strategies and helpful tips, your child will be able to tackle any challenge the subject of reading offers with bold confidence.

Reading Tutoring Activities

To ensure your child has a fun reading experience, our tutors are versitaille to have the tutoring session be fun as well. Our tutors may implement the following activities listed below. As a result, you and your child can even try these fun activities at home.

1. Vowels

Being able to identify vowels is a great strategy that will not only improve your child's reading but writing as well. There are about 5, sometimes 6 letters in the alphabet that are considered vowels: A, E, I, O, U and sometimes the letter Y. If you search through all the words in a dictionary or any book with words, you will notice that every word at least contain one of these letters - either A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y.

2. rhyming

You can say rhyming is like the math of English as its concept teaches the pattern in words. Rhyming means that words sound alike. You hear these a lot in song lyrics particularly in rap songs. For example, the word "back". Words that rhyme with the word back are jack, sack, lack, smack, rack, snack, stack etc.

3. vocabulary - words you don't know

Increasing your use of vocabulary is very essential especially once you get to secondary and post-secondary education. TIP-everu time your child reads a book, he or she can write down the words he or she does not know of. Once those words are written down, they can search up their definitions and learn to use them in sentences.

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