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TutorONE offers writing tutoring services for elementary school students within grades 1 to 5. We understand that all students have a particular style or pace at which they learn. In a classrooom the teacher may teach at a pace or style that is not suitable for every students' learning. This is where TutorONE's tutoring services come into play- we always provide the right tutors for the students we teach. Our tutors are qualified and knowledgeable to teach the grade school writing components: vowels, spelling, grammar, punctuation marks, how to write paragraphs and essays etc. Just because a student is falling behind it does not mean that they are not smart. We believe that every child is smart and can achieve that desired A+.

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At around ages 1 to 3 years, children learn the fine motor skill of using a writing tool such as a pen and doodling on a piece of paper with it. Once they reach ages 4 to 5 is where children learn to properly write. If you recall, your child may have started writing his or her name. Writing is an important skill and is required for every subject. To achieve full marks on an exam essay question, the the student must answer the question in a detailed, specific and grammar error free manner. Even outside a classroom a lot of writing is done in newspaper, books, magazines, web articles, autobiographies and social media posts. We want our tutoring services to give the students we teach the confidence - that way they will be encouraged and determined to conquer any challenge in the subject of writing. As a result, our tutoring services are beneficial both inside and outside the classroom.  


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There are a number of reasons why students have a hard time with writing. Some may be write slower than others while some do not hand print their words neatly. Common reasons would be grammar and punctuation errors, use of informal English, run-on sentences and even inappropriate use of exclamation marks. There are students that prefer handwriting over typing while some prefer typing over handwriting. As a result, both are important skills to work on. It will be a gain for students in the long run as they continue in their education.

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Elementary School Writing Tutoring Toronto

In the subject of English but in the case writing, students are graded in 5 levels which is Ontario's Rubric Structure:

1. Level 0 (F - Fail)

The student has failed to reach the assigned writing requirements. It can be a result of failing to not answer the assigned question with an addition of multiple grammar errors.

2. Level 1 (D- to D+)

The student has answered some of the assigned writing requirements. This quality of writing displays that the writer is limited in his or her understanding. As well, there is quite a hand full of grammar errors.

3. Level 2 (C- to C+)

The student has met some to most, a little more than half of the assigned writing requirements. The student has some understanding of the content. In addition, there are some grammar errors.

4. Level 3 (B- to B+)

The student has met most of the assigned writing requirements. As a result, the student has a good enough understanding in his or her writing. It may contain very little grammar errors.

5. Level 4 (A- to A+)

The student has a full understanding as he or she has met all the writing requirements necessary. Also, the writing piece has no grammar errors.

Our ultimate goal at TutorONE is for your child to become a level 4+ writer. Our tutors will teach your child to become excellent in all writing components. As your child continues in our tutoring services, you will notice rapid imporvements in not just their school assignments and homework habits but more so in their grades. There is a saying that goes, "Good players are good sometimes but great players are great all the time." Another quote, "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." Your child will turn out to be a great speller and a great writer that writes in proper English with proper sentences and sentence structure and that is grammar error free. 

Extensive Testing

Writing tutors at TutorONE begin with detailed but subtle testing to determine the learning style and areas of improvement for the child. Based on the results, a writing curriculum is designed to address the particular learning problems and a program that works best for the student.

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TutorONE offers tutoring services throughout Mississauga, Brampton, Whitby, Pickering, Markham and all over the Greater Toronto Area. Whether if the tutored student is at a beginner or an experienced writer, we make sure the right tutor is provided for your child's learning necessities. We understand that learning can be a painful experience especially if a student feels like he or she has to change their style of learning or pace that is uncomfortable. Our tutors will give your child a learning experience that is not only comfortable but fun. It will ultimately benefit your child's learning. With the proper teachings, strategies and helpful tips, your child will be able to tackle any challenge the subject of reading offers with bold confidence.

Writing Tutoring Activities

Spelling Bee Activity

You might have seen this on TV; where they get the top spellers in the country to compete for a winning prize. These competitors are 16-years of age and younger. You and your child can practice these at home. There are children that can learn better when the learning environment is not competitive.

You can have a set of cards with words on each. Have your child spell out each word. TIP - knowing how to the proper pronounciations, definitions and orgins of words will help your child become an effective speller.

1. writing practice

When reading a book, write down words you never heard of on a piece of paper. Practice spelling them. Also, know their definitions and origins.

2. Grammar Practice

A period- . marks the end of a sentence. In this paragraph below, insert where a period is to be marked.

"Hi My name is Eric I enjoy playing drums and hockey"

A question mark-? is used at the end of every sentence that is a question. Insert question marks in their appropriate places.

"How old are you Where do you live What is your name?


Fill in the blanks in order to complete the following story. NOTE - there is no correct word. However, after filling in the blanks, read it to yourself and ask if it makes perfect sense to you.

"Once upon a time there was a ________ named ________. He lived in a ________. He lives with his __________, _________ and __________."

4. create new words

This will develop a child's logical thinking as well improve their writing skills. For your child, prepare several cards with short words (3 to 5 letters). Show them to your child and have your child write down 2 or more words from the assigned word. For example, the word 'rats' - 2 words star and tar.

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