21 Private Tutoring Benefits To Accelerate Your Child’s Learning


Most parents would love to improve their children’s academic performance, and often feel like there are not enough strategies or opportunities in the classroom. When it comes to tutoring, you may wonder what private tutoring for your child can do that school can’t. 

This article will discuss why parents are right to be sceptical about the educational value of a one-on-one tutor, but also highlight some key benefits of having a personalised approach to education for your children at home. So read on to find out more about why private tutors could benefit your child.

The Benefits Of Personalised Education At Home

Parents play an important role in supporting their children when they go to school. There is no denying the enormous influence teachers have over all aspects of a child’s learning. 

For example, it has been well documented how the teaching style and structure of the classroom impacts each child positively or negatively. In addition to this, schools tend to provide specific resources and academic support throughout the week – including homework help and extra time allocated to study. 

However, the reality is that schools only cater to a minority of students with high needs who require dedicated attention due to disability or emotional distress. That makes up just 1% of the student population, which leads to the rest of the population being under-resourced compared to their peers.

The bottom line is that if all children benefited from such a tailored support system we would see higher achievement amongst them.

To make matters even worse, most parents simply don’t know exactly where their child struggles, nor do they understand the school curriculum on a large scale. While schools may have extensive resources available regarding the teaching of specific subjects, they do not have access to the latest curriculum information which means they cannot teach children in the best possible way when they return to the same subject matter next year. 

Additionally, there are many topics that teachers need to teach every year, but don’t always feel confident about providing the skills needed for these lessons, which leaves little room for innovation or improvement. As a result, children often miss out on learning opportunities due to lack of confidence in their teacher’s knowledge and expertise while other children thrive because a qualified teacher is investing time to ensure they achieve their full potential. 

Parenting, Tutoring and the “10,000 hour rule”?

This is known as the “10,000 hour rule” according to Malcolm Knowles’ book Superhuman: The New Science of Building Children Minds. Therefore, it seems obvious that to maximise academic success and the likelihood of life success for our children; we must invest early on through parenting practices, so that our children receive the best possible foundation for healthy growth.

On top of this, studies suggest that the quality of instruction a child receives from their parent plays a critical role as far as their ability to focus on the task in hand over time. If children were to hear their parents talking disparagingly about their teacher, they’re likely to take the comments personally and internalise any negative feelings towards their teacher. 

Furthermore, children learn more effectively by doing, which means they learn better when working independently (through doing practice or exercises), rather than receiving direct feedback from someone else. The good news is that research shows that this type of teaching method works particularly well if the parent is highly involved and engaged in the process too!

It’s clear that when children are left to themselves, they become disengaged and lose motivation to learn. They cannot develop self control and self discipline without parental support. This is where the value of personalised tutoring or guidance when parents are able to get involved, becomes apparent. It provides a consistent learning environment where the parent/child relationship is nurtured and strengthened. 

The result is that children gain confidence and develop resilience to deal with stressful situations away from the familiar surroundings of home, and they acquire skills they may never have learned otherwise.

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The Benefits Of Tutoring Vs Modern Day “Schooling”

One of the reasons we recommend tutoring as opposed to schooling is because the former is much more effective at enabling children to learn. Many children are naturally bright and capable, yet they struggle academically – perhaps due to limited exposure to the concepts taught in the classroom or because they struggle to access resources. That means that although they are gifted, they are unable to fully capitalise on their strengths and talents without external support.

When a child faces real challenges in learning at school, their natural response is to withdraw and become less invested in their education. As a result, their grades suffer significantly, their engagement decreases and they are more prone to bullying. 

The truth is that teachers must spend a considerable amount of time teaching the basics of reading and writing in order to get across the point that they require their children to be independent learners. By contrast, academic standards allow for minimal variation at school level, meaning it is very difficult for teachers to offer students the opportunity to build on existing knowledge of topics and apply their understanding to new areas. 

That’s why it’s more beneficial for children to learn at home where they can explore topics at their own pace, work through problems by trial and error, and receive immediate access to additional support if needed.

One of the biggest benefits of tutoring is that it enables children to learn at a deeper level than the one that they experience at school. One reason this is so vital is because it’s impossible for teachers to create a comprehensive curriculum that gives all students an equal chance to excel in all subjects. 

Teachers are also not equipped to deliver complex teaching methods which help students to internalise knowledge and understanding in their brains, and instead they use simple, rote memorisation techniques and rely on teaching by demonstration more than actual teaching. These approaches are unlikely to produce long term benefits. 

Moreover, there’s a lot of stress placed on children as a result of high stakes exams, where they are expected to pass without fail. This takes away from their attentional capacity, making it even harder to concentrate or follow instructions while sitting at a desk for hours on end.

Another reason that school does not equip children to reach their potential, is that school teachers are unable or unwilling to give parents the resources and support necessary to help them achieve their goals for their children. 

Most teachers are already stressed and overwhelmed by their workload, and therefore they rarely prioritise personalised tutoring for families who genuinely want to help their children succeed academically. But the fact remains that if teachers were committed to delivering the best possible education to their students, they would have a better understanding of subjects and how to teach them, thus empowering parents to guide young children into achieving success on a global scale.

Private Tutoring Foster(s) Super-Youth Mentality

Tutoring can also empower youth and make them more resilient, by building their self esteem and promoting positive behaviour. We’ve heard stories from successful adults who started at one of the best universities in Canada (not sure which) but weren’t given the chance or chance to demonstrate their true potential. 

Instead, they were treated as outsiders, put down, excluded, and ultimately failed to fulfil their dream of being a part of academia. We also have examples from parents who wish their child had received the same opportunity during their years of schooling. After all, what’s the point in paying thousands of pounds a year to send a child to school when their future is literally on the line?

Of course, we aren’t trying to replace the invaluable input that teachers can bring to our children’s lives, however, they can only provide so much assistance. Our children deserve to receive individualised attention and we should all strive to deliver as much as we possibly can. In turn, this will enable teachers to more freely allocate their precious teaching hours to those children who truly need the help.

This is why we believe children benefit from personalised tutoring sessions with their parents that are designed specifically to help your child grow faster and enjoy learning at an accelerated rate. Tutoring is a great option for kids who need extra help with their core subjects, but are not performing in school above the levels required. 

The tutor will be able to address gaps in their knowledge, give extra guidance to supplement the school curriculum, and introduce them to new ways of thinking and learning through fun activities that encourage creativity, problem solving and concentration – all skills that benefit even the most gifted of children. 

So whether you are considering a private tutor for a younger sibling in Year 5, or you need help with your teen’s GCSE revision, please call us anytime, day or night. Tutoring isn’t just for primary school students either; we work with pupils of every age to ensure we can help them achieve their goals.

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Here are just 21 of many more benefits of private tutoring

  1. A clear strategy to support your child’s learning at home.
  2. A tutor who listens to your child and understands their unique strengths and weaknesses.
  3. An experienced professional who is prepared to commit time and energy to ensuring your child thrives at school.
  4. Access to a wide range of educational services including psychology, phonics, maths support, tuition and special needs programmes.
  5. Ongoing access to parents 24/7.
  6. A proven track record of success for parents looking for personalised strategies to help their child succeed in school.
  7. Tuition that meets your child’s learning targets in a fun and motivating manner.
  8. A tutor who has real life experiences in helping their own children, giving your child a fresh perspective and approach to education that can inspire confidence.
  9. Peace of mind knowing your child is receiving expert advice in a safe environment where no inappropriate questions will be asked.
  10. A tutor who recognises that your family can only offer the best possible support when working collectively.
  11. You will be rewarded with an exceptional service which is tailored to meet your child’s learning requirements and budget.
  12. All fees paid by parents on a monthly basis directly into the tutor’s account ‘ no upfront payments required.
  13. No waiting lists.’ If you’re already looking for a tutor we’ll match you to one immediately (subject to availability).
  14. Access to a high-end state-of-the-art computer lab, internet hook-up, and other resources that can help make any lesson engaging and rewarding.
  15. Free consultation and friendly advice.
  16. On-going personalised contact between the tutor and parents over the year ensures all aspects of each session are productive, efficient and effective.
  17. Every tutoring session is recorded on video and available to view after completing your contract.’ These videos serve as a quick reference point or reminder of what was discussed during each session.
  18. Guaranteed results – We’ll hold your child to the same standard they would expect from themselves. The tutor will use a systematic approach using current research and evidence based methods in order to find out how each topic could be tackled most effectively in terms of interest, motivation, memory recall and general level of competence, and then devise specific strategies to achieve these goals.
  19. Flexible weekly timetables to accommodate your busy schedule. With over two-thirds of Canadian parents feeling guilty about leaving their teenager alone too long, we recognise that parents have busy lives and don’t always have the time to drop everything to supervise their child’s homework every week. This is why every tutor in our service has been selected based on her or his ability to adapt to your household routine.’ And our tutors never ask for payment up front. Instead, we provide a month’s free trial period during which you can review the quality of our service and decide if it fits within your budget and timeframe. After this we take a small per session fee.
  20.  Access to online courses of study that are tailored around each child’s individual interests and abilities, designed to enhance their learning experience.
  21. A dedicated tutor to guide each child regardless which course of study he or she pursues.’ From music therapy programmes, to sports coaching and physical fitness training, our tutors have worked with a wide variety of pupils from a broad range of ages. These lessons are organised by specialisation, giving your child a strong academic foundation while preparing him or her for future vocational choices such as nursing or dentistry.

How TutorOne’s Private Tutoring Services Can Help Your Child

So if you want to make sure your child’s education is well-rounded, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, then book an appointment today with one of our tutors. We know how hard it must be juggling your duties as parent whilst also having to deal with the rigours of studying at university or college, therefore our team aims to alleviate any stress you might feel over trying to manage your child’s studies at home on top of trying to run your household.

We take pride in our ability to assist families struggling with the daily pressures of their child’s education, no matter what stage of development he/she may have reached. 

Whether your child is experiencing difficulty at the very beginning of his academic journey, has started making progress but needs further aid, or is approaching his exam date but still hasn’t met his target marks, we understand and appreciate all these situations. 

Therefore, whatever challenges you face, we’d like to help improve your child’s achievement using methods proven by research to work effectively for everyone involved. 

Our tutors have received thorough training on how to work with both older young people and younger ones, as well as experience of successfully supporting pupils from primary to A-level stages, and across different disciplines such as mathematics, English, science, IT and economics.

And so, if you’re ready to put in some hard graft that really does help get results, then please do visit our website today. You’ll find all the details of what we do and how to arrange a personalised session for yourself and your child. 

All of our tutors receive regular appraisals of their performance and you can request updates about your child’s status whenever you wish. Simply visit our website and follow the link to make an inquiry about available slots. Alternatively, call us today and ask to speak to one of our friendly advisers who will happily answer any other questions you might have and advise on what level of tuition would suit your child’s profile. 

Either way we promise, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain with our tutoring program. As a result of a successful application, you will usually be contacted by Friday and invited to an initial interview the following Monday at 4 p.m. If you pass this first interview stage your tutor will begin tutoring right away!

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Our tutors are all highly qualified, extremely knowledgeable, qualified for years and years and come with a vast portfolio of previous results. They have worked with thousands of students on many projects and have developed specialisation in a wide variety of study areas including, but not limited too,

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT

All of our tutors are fully insured and certified to teach and mentor pupils aged between 3 and 18 with the qualifications listed below.

Qualifications: Bachelor degree (Honours) in a relevant subject.

TutorOne is a Tutoring Agency Registered with OFSTED and the Office Of Fair Trading. Tutors use OFSTED registered schools throughout Kent where children are not allowed to miss lessons and all tutors are DBS checked prior to starting work with our clients.

TutorOne is proud to have the highest standards of quality, privacy, reliability and safety for all of its students. As part of this pledge we guarantee that every person that works with our company is totally compliant with the standards set out by the government organisations mentioned above, along with meeting minimum employment standards and offering a reliable service. In addition, as a member of The National Association of Independent Schools, TutorOne adheres to independent school standards of high moral and ethical values, with the aim of providing a nurturing, supportive environment for learning, while protecting the rights and welfare of children. Each member of TutorOne’s team shares these aims and values and demonstrates good conduct in all aspects of running our business.

At TutorOne, we always welcome feedback, so please contact us with any comments, queries or concerns you may have. Please see our terms & conditions here and TutorOne Privacy Policy here.

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