10 Effective Online Tutoring Tips For Happier Students

There has been an explosive growth in demand for online tutoring services as students increasingly seek supplemental academic help outside of traditional classrooms and textbooks. According to research conducted by Pearson Education Inc., nearly 50 percent of K–12 teachers report having used online resources to supplement instruction during the past year. Additionally, a recent study showed that almost 60% of students use these tools regularly, which means that they are becoming integral parts of student learning.

Online Tutoring Services

Online tutoring services offer flexible scheduling options as well as convenient delivery formats (such as video chats) that provide convenience to busy families. They also allow for greater interaction between tutor and pupil than that offered through other methods and thus increase the effectiveness of student learning, according to studies cited in “Teaching Students Online”.

Types of Online Tutoring

TutorOne offers two types of Online Tutoring services: 1.) One on one private sessions – you choose exactly when to schedule your session. 2). Group classes in your town/city — our goal is to connect local communities together, providing opportunities to interact face to face.

How much do online tutors earn?

Online tutoring is growing rapidly as parents realize how convenient and flexible it is for kids. Some students attend school during the week and spend weekends helping other children achieve academic success. Parents love having the flexibility to offer help anytime, anywhere–even via email—at any age level. Most online tutelers report average hourly rates between $35-$55, working around 30 hours per month (which includes scheduling & billing) and earning over 3 times more than their traditional day jobs! So, whether you enjoy teaching others, prefer more independence for your own learning, or simply enjoy giving back in your spare time, there are lots of reasons to become an online tutor. We think you’ll love it too! To begin offering tutoring at TutorOne, click here. If you or your child are in need of some online tutoring services, please

If you’re new to online tutoring, here are 10 helpful tips on the basics to keep your new (and old) students happy:

  1. Offer to teach multiple subjects. Students often don’t understand what subject area they would benefit from learning until after they receive instruction. By covering a variety of areas, you can be sure that you provide something that meets each student’s interests.
  2. Be patient with students as they learn how to study independently. Many students struggle for weeks or months with self directed learning. Don’t rush your lessons; instead give plenty of time to practice your lesson plan.
  3. Provide detailed instructions and followup support. Students who receive detailed instructions and regular check-ins tend to perform better overall. They also become motivated to succeed in class when they feel supported by teachers who care.
  4. Give students feedback and encouragement regularly. When students have been taught well, they feel confident and proud. Encouragement helps boost confidence levels even further.
  5. Have fun while doing homework. When students feel relaxed and comfortable, they are more likely to complete assigned tasks.
  6. Keep in touch with students throughout the term, especially when they are experiencing difficulties. Remaining engaged and involved throughout a course increases students’ retention and motivation.
  7. Make sure to include a clear end goal. Students will be less interested in tutoring sessions if they have no idea what they can accomplish through the experience. It doesn’t matter which topic you tutor; just ensure that students leave feeling excited about achieving their goals.
  8. Provide additional resources for students that they can refer to later.
  9. Don’t forget to reward your students for their efforts!
  10. Have Fun!!!

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