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    Jennifer Marants
    Jennifer Marants
    14:15 07 Jun 19
    All the members at TutorOne are tremendous!! Our science tutor is reliable, resourceful, and incredibly thorough. The owners and admin have a smooth running business... making it easy and an... overall pleasure to register for more
    Susan Fizbecker
    Susan Fizbecker
    01:10 24 May 19
    Couldn't be more than happy with the services received from TutorOne. My daughters grades improved dramatically in chemistry and calculus with one-on-one tutoring with one of the kindest tutor's... we've ever met. If you're looking for a private tutor, TutorOne is definitely the right in-home tutoring agency for more
    Emile Liang
    Emile Liang
    10:07 17 May 19
    TutorOne was very helpful to my son as he needed a boost in his marks in Calculus and Math to be selected to some top universities. The tutor came the day after I called them? identified where my son... can improve and focus his effort and it made the difference right away in his next tests. Great job, more
    Jacky Wu
    Jacky Wu
    02:26 17 May 19
    Very nice and professional service! I found tutor one just from google search and it really gave me surprises. The tutor they assign me is so dedicated and with extremely good knowledge. My son love... her so much! The reason they can find the right tutor for my kid was because they did a home visit and talked with my son. They know his need. Overall, five star for sure!read more
    Kamal Hajiyev
    Kamal Hajiyev
    01:21 15 May 19
    I love the approach that TutorOne takes to make sure the students get the best tutoring possible. For one they make sure that they cover all the problems you have with the course you need the tutor... for and make sure to give you a tutor that suits you. In addition the tutor receives a full information about the student's syllabus and what the student struggles with so that the lesson ca be efficient. Absolutely recommend TutorOne for any student. Their approach is simply amazingread more
    Joseph Marsilla
    Joseph Marsilla
    00:23 08 May 19
    I absolutely love what TutorOne is doing to the private in-home tutoring sector in Toronto. This company was created by a group of PhD/MD/JD students who started this company to help other students... live to their A+ potentials. If you're looking for premium in-home tutoring services where tutors live to mentor your child, look no further than TutorOne!! (You won't be disappointed!)read more
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    Why TutorOne?

    Our private english tutors are here to assist all children from elementary school to high school. Depending on how many students occupy a classroom, your child may not be getting the correct help he or she needs. This is becoming a huge problem as students’ progress academically. Our tutors are well-trained qualified to cover all aspects of English: from reading and comprehension to writing and grammar. Our english tutors are here to help your child fill in the gaps needed so they can achieve the success they desire.

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    It is not uncommon to see many students struggle with English, and this may be due to a wide range of difficulties. Whether a student likes English or not, it is an integral part of their school life and the world outside it.English skills are increasingly becoming a critical factor that spells the difference between the success and failure of a child in school. As such, needing the help of a tutor is not a sign of intellectual weakness. English is a required subject to take from elementary school to high school, that will benefit students once they reach post-secondary education. At private tutors toronto, we believe in strong literary and grammatical foundations. Every child needs necessary reading, writing and English speaking skills to excel in life. Our private elementary english tutors use effective study and early learning methods to enhance literacy development. This will help your child get ahead of the learning curve! Contact one of our 8 english learning centres across Ontario and learn how we are redefining private tutoring. Serving Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, Whitby, Ajax, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Vaughn and surrounding areas!

    Essay Writing Mastery

    Our ultimate goal at TutorONE is for your child to become a level 4+ writer. Our tutors will teach your child to become excellent in all writing components. As your child continues in our tutoring services, you will notice rapid improvements in not just their school assignments and homework habits but more so in their grades. There is a saying that goes, "Good players are good sometimes but great players are great all the time." Another quote, "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." Your child will turn out to be a great speller and a great writer that writes in proper English with proper sentences and sentence structure and grammar error free.

    Grammar Checks

    Grammar is one of the most important aspects of a strong literary foundation. It is the poor use of grammar now-a-days that causes students to get marks deducted from their assignments and tests. Grammar is using the correct words, distinguishing nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives and understanding the use of punctuation marks- knowing how to use and where to put them. Our well-trained established english tutors are here to help in this aspect of English - that way your children will not have to get marks deducted in this criteria of reading or writing.

    Strong Literary Foundations

    At around ages 1 to 3 years, children learn the fine motor skill of using a writing tool such as a pen and doodling on a piece of paper with it. Once they reach ages 4 to 5 is where children learn to properly write. If you recall, your child may have started writing his or her name. Writing is an important skill and is required for every subject. To achieve full marks on an exam essay question, the student must answer the question in a detailed, specific and grammar error free manner. Even outside a classroom a lot of writing is done in newspapers, books, magazines, web articles, autobiographies and social media posts. We want our tutoring services to give the students we teach the confidence - that way they will be encouraged and determined to conquer any challenge in the subject of writing. As a result, our early literacy and english tutoring services are beneficial both inside and outside the classroom.

    Reading & Comprehension Help

    On average, students learn to read at around ages 4 to 7-years. Reading is a skill that will benefit students everywhere they go and in everything they do. Everyday, people read books, articles, blogs, TV captions, advertisements, social media postings etc. Regardless of how a student learns, our english tutors believe that every child has what it takes to reach their full reading potential. 2 methods that can be applied to reading is consistent practice and a positive attitude. In other words, this instilling an A+ mentality while developing A+ habits. The best part about these methods is that it requires no talent or giftedness. There are students struggling in the subject of reading. There are some who are successful in reading out words well but have a hard time in the comprehensive aspect. Not every enjoys reading. However, it is an important skill to have and develop especially in today's world.

    private reading and essay writing tutoring in toronto

    "Her essay writing skills have improved dramatically in just 6 short weeks."
    - Sam D.

    English Tutors in your region for All Grades K-12.

    Our In-Home English Tutors in [ifso id="1604"] are masters of reading, writing and literary comprehension. Our english tutors are patient and will work with your child until the light bulb goes off!

      best university and high-school essay writing and english tutoring toronto

      Grades 1-5 Reading & Comprehension

      Our reading tutors are here to teach all elementary school-age children how to become elite reading tutors. There are multiple students that each display their own style of learning. As a result, your child may not be getting the proper help to support his or her learning. This is becoming a learning setback. Our reading tutors are well-trained and accomplished to cover the aspects of reading: sounding out letters, pronunciation, vocabulary-how to use a dictionary and thesaurus, figure of speech, accents, vowels, summaries, main ideas and the use of silent letters in words. Imagine taking a reading test and saying certain words wrong because you pronounced the letters that were supposed to be silent Marks and points can be taken away due to poor pronunciation. Private English tutors toronto are here to assist your child in any areas of reading needed, that way he or she can become an elite reader.

      Grades 6-8 Speech & Essay Writing

      Our english tutors are qualified and knowledgeable to teach the grade school writing components: vowels, spelling, grammar, punctuation marks, how to write paragraphs and essays etc. Just because a student is falling behind it does not mean that they are not smart. We believe that every child is smart and can achieve that desired A+.

      Grade 9-12 Literature & Essay Writing

      High school english covers material such as reading, comprehension and the more intermediate writing assignments. Our private english tutors teach high school students how to carefully assess the literary landscapes of literary works. From analyzing Romeo and Juliet in Grade 9 to learning about tragic comedies and other literary masterpieces in Grade 12, our high school english tutors have mastered each aspect of high-school english curriculum. We are ready to teach them how to properly dissect and analyze literary materials and devices. We will teach them how to pay attention to key points of stories, plays and films , and help them understand the literary devices used. On top of that - our tutors have mastered essay writing at the best post secondary arts programs in the province and are ready to help your student master essay and article writing in all its forms.

      An A+ Literary Mentality Awaits You.

      Our private english tutors do more than just tutor. They provide the necessary tools and motivation to drive your child to literary masterdom. Don't believe us? Contact us to book your FREE First Trial Lesson.

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