TutorOne Approach To Private Tutoring In 2022

Our approach for In-Home Tutoring in Toronto:

Emotional and Mental state of the student matters. When we are overly stressed, we do things improperly. When too relaxed, we don’t want to do things in general. It is all about the balance in between. As part of the assessment in Tutoring Toronto, we make sure to bring students to the optimal state necessary for success in both academia and life.

Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right”. It is very hard to succeed with a negative mentality, whether it be math, sciences or languages. Convincing yourself that you can do it sets you up with the right mindset to ace that math homework/assignment/test/exam. The question however is the following:

How do you make yourself believe that you can ace that assignment?

The answer is (drum roll, please) – by willing to fail – by being ok with getting that answer wrong so that you can get it right the next time.

Let me demonstrate a case study for you. I met a student who was really struggling with that annoying & overwhelming math question. Upon reading the question, I noticed the way he was lost or didn’t have the desire to proceed. In 40 seconds, I hear him say “I don’t know what to do”. When I asked him why he did not write anything on his notebook, he said “I don’t even know where to start from”.

The key to gaining confidence is being okay with not knowing where to start BUT TO START REGARDLESS.  When I asked the student just to put something on that paper, I realized that he had the knowledge and with a little bit of guidance he was able to get the hang of a very difficult math question.

At Tutoring Toronto, it is our duty to tell our students to take educated guesses about challenging questions even if they have no idea how to tackle the question.

Our brains work on building solutions by executing action on small bits and pieces that are readily available.

We encourage and train up our students to conquer these 4 tasks:

  1. Doing one thing at a time

Doing one thing at a time applies to every area in life. You have probably heard your child say “I have so many things to do – the math test is on Tuesday, the bio project is coming up ….”. This is exactly when your child needs the most support.

At Tutoring Toronto, our expert Math, Science and English tutors take charge of the situation and persuade their students to do ONE TASK AT A TIME.

Chunking down a big task into small bits makes everything easily attainable. Our tutors possess very good organization skills and are always ready to teach your child how to manage multitasking in a way that reduces stress and increases performance.

2. Use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses

Tutoring Toronto delivers exceptional knowledge to students when it comes to improving weaknesses. By making pupils compare and contrast different types of questions, we guarantee success in the long run. Let’s see how this works:

A student can do Q1 but lacks the ability to identify Q2 as being similar to Q1. In other words, the student is unable to (or maybe lazy) make the right connections among concepts and questions when either words or variables are switched around.

Our expert tutors are very familiar with this type of scenarios and possess the right tactics to show your child how to solve slightly different problems by duplicating the same strategy they used in solving other problems. Students tend to believe that every new question they face is substantially different from the ones they have completed before.

This is a misconception and can easily be overcome by learning the methodology behind being able to apply problem solving techniques to decipher the problem before solving it. (Any task becomes easy when broken down into smaller parts!)

3. Methods are important.

There is no one correct method when it comes to solving Math, Chemistry or Physics problems. School teachers may or may not show their students the flexibility of using any method they would like. When students realize that they can use several methods to solve the same question and still arrive at the same answer, they feel very smart.

Our Highly Motivated tutors take the time to explain the challenging problems by using various methods and telling students the possibility of using any method they desire.

4. What motivates you?

Why students should do schoolwork when they can spend their time playing video-games?

In TutorOne, we break down this concept into what motivates students internally and what they tend to do during their after-school time.

We ask our students what they love doing and what they would spend more time on if they did not have any school responsibilities.

We then assure them that if they do good in school, they would waste less time stressing and more time on doing things they enjoy the most.

This method is very powerful because now students are internally motivated to finish schoolwork, because deep inside they know that it will lead to making them happy and the parents proud.

On top of this, Our tutors also emphasize on why it matters.

Some science problems appear to be irrelevant to real life problems. By telling the student the big picture of why things are done, we help anchor a sense of pride/accomplishment in their minds. Our tutors are trained to help guide your child in becoming the subject master which they were made to be.

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