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Top In-Home & Online Tutoring Services

Guaranteed to Boost Your Confidence & Grades

Top In-Home & Online Tutoring Services

Guaranteed to Boost Your Confidence & Grades

We have a team of knowledgeable and professional private educators in Canada who are students, professors and instructors from the local communities. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for all of our students. All our tutors are trained to teach to the best of their ability. Not only we teach our students how to excel in academia, but also how to think differently and cultivate A+ mentalities. Working with a private tutor from TutorOne helps to develop the mind and the skills necessary to achieve and maintain academic excellence.

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  • Customized Learning Plans
  • Confidence Building & Mentorship
  • Skill Development & Problem Solving
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Chris L.

High-School Chemistry & Physics Tutor

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English, Reading & Essay Writing Tutor

Theoni K.

Elementary Math & Reading Tutor

One on One Tutoring Structured For You.

Our Private Path learning strategy addresses the needs of every child. In addition to providing help in specific subject matters, our plan includes:

Accelerated Learning

Laying the early foundation with valuable learning skills will indeed set your children up for success throughout their career in academics. Contact us today to learn more about our accelerated programs!

Elementary Programs

We offer a mixture of early and middle school programs, so that students are not exposed to the full range of academic material that the schools are preparing them for.

High-School Programs

Our private tutors provide customized learning plans for each high-school student. Our tutors ensure you know the fundamentals & work with you to master the basics .

Standardized Test Prep

We have tutors that specialize in SAT, MCAT & LSAT prep so you can face them prepared. Call to learn more about the standardized testing procedures in Canada for Pre-K and K-12.

Summer Programs

We offer a variety of programs for children in grades 4 to 12. We offer tutoring, summer school, and curriculum development. So why not give our personalized summer tutoring programs a try?

Online Tutoring

TutorOne is a leader in affordable local online tutoring. Choose to complement any in-home tutoring service with our online tutoring services. What are you waiting for?

Private Tutoring Services in Canada trusted by thousands of parents.

We are knowledgeable, safe, and professional. Our tutors are highly qualified and educated to ensure you are receiving the best possible tutoring experience. We pride ourselves on providing excellent and personalized tutoring. Our tutors are familiar with the local schools and they can help you with any number of subjects. Our tutors are committed to being a reliable and dependable service. Our tutors are devoted to the success of our students. Our tutors provide all services free of charge for the first lesson because we believe in a community-based model of tutoring that is inclusive and accepting, one that provides value over anything.

We are committed to providing our students with high-quality tutoring, and we are willing to take on the responsibility of providing our students with the best possible tutoring experience. Our tutors are all highly qualified, experienced, and have a strong knowledge of the Canadian educational systems. Our tutors will work closely with your child to ensure that your child receives a high quality of tutoring. In order to maintain our high standards of quality, our tutors in Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and surrounding areas are dedicated to providing students with a personal, and fun learning experience. We have been creating an atmosphere that allows our students to reach their full potential in a fun and safe environment.