“What is a Tutor?

Are you searching for ways to earn extra income online while helping others learn new skills or improve their weaknesses? A tutor is just what it sounds like! You provide academic tutoring services as well as non-academic learning support to students of all ages..


A tutor is someone whose responsibility is guiding another person through gaining knowledge. Most commonly this refers to teaching others of varying skill levels how to read, write, master math formulas, develop business strategies etc., However, there are many types of tutors based on different requirements and purposes: Academic Tutors, Nonprofit Tutors, ESL (English Language Learning), Online Tutors & More… We get asked daily ‘What does a Tutor really Do??” This simple definition alone doesn’t tell the whole story though… It goes deeper and gets specific.

Why Become a Tutor?

As a Tutor, you work remotely, which means that you set your own schedule — including nights, weekends, holidays and long breaks. So if you love teaching other learners, then become a Tutor today!

What’s the Difference Between A Tutor & A Teacher?

“A teacher teaches his/her pupils; a tutor helps pupils teach themselves.” ~John Holt
Tutors generally charge per lesson or hour based upon class duration. Teachers often charge per day, semester or year depending on length of relationship with pupil or degree to which instruction focuses on the subject matter. Some schools even levy taxes against parents whose children enroll in public, rather than private schools.
When I was studying law, I had a friend who went around telling everyone he knew which lawyer would win their case — his favorite being the guy who charged $500 per hour and always lost. He’d heard there were no winners until after trial.
So, do you think you might be willing to go without your favourite TV show for a little less to save time and energy you need to spend on something that actually affects your daily life? Do you realize that you’ve spent too long reading books when you really wanted to read them but didn’t finish them due to lack of enough time? Then let me introduce you to a revolutionary system called “Learn Anytime”…

How Can I Make Money As A Tutor?

A tutor has the opportunity to help students become successful learners and develop self-confidence. Students who struggle academically benefit tremendously from tutoring sessions.
The majority of my clients are adults who seek additional training and guidance on specific subjects. They come from all walks of life – including lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, accountants, entrepreneurs, business owners, homemakers, artists and writers. They range in age from 18 – 90+. All my clients enjoy success in their chosen careers or businesses.

How Can I Get Paid?

TutorOne offers its tutors payment plans through PayPal; however, payment schedules and fees vary between tutors. Some offer hourly payments (a few cents per minute), daily payments ($10-$25) or weekly rates ($20-30). Payment schedules depend upon your client’s location and availability. Most of my clients work remotely via Skype and Zoom Video Conferencing and/or phone call. Many prefer to meet face-to-face and conduct video sessions. However, there are occasions when meeting in-person helps facilitate student interaction on difficult concepts or provides a comfortable setting.
Thank you for considering TutorOne!

How to Earn Extra Money as a Tutor?

Do you love teaching? Is education something that inspires you? Have you always been passionate about sharing knowledge with young minds? Well, you’ve come to the perfect industry. With over 25 million high school seniors graduating every year, the demand for teachers has never been stronger. That being said, it doesn’t mean everyone wants to become a teacher. So, what exactly does one teach? Let us explain, “A teacher teaches lessons based on different subjects such as history, science, math, grammar, or English Language Arts. They can teach everything from elementary school kids to college students.” Sounds simple. Not quite. Teaching requires extensive preparation to help prepare for tests, grade assignments, and manage classroom activities. There’s no shortage of tasks for an aspiring educator. While earning money isn’t necessarily the main goal for most teachers, it would definitely give you satisfaction knowing that you made a positive contribution towards children’s development during critical times in their lives.
If you’d rather stay anonymous, you can opt for paid tutoring sites. These platforms allow individuals to connect directly to each other, and the site charges either per lesson or subscription fee depending on whether the provider works independently or collaboratively with another educator. The latter option often involves more responsibilities, such as managing communication logistics with parents, scheduling classes on specific days and ensuring proper documentation of assignments. On the down side, independent providers tend to charge less per hour since they typically have greater flexibility regarding where and when you deliver your instruction.
So, while it might seem like a lucrative idea now, think long term. If you plan wisely, your earnings can grow significantly after graduation.

How to Make Money as a Tutor Online

Many people begin studying to become a teacher simply because they enjoy seeing youth thrive. Whether you truly believe in the importance of educating future generations and you feel compelled to share it with learners everywhere, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to spend the rest of your career giving back to society. However, becoming educated specifically in order to instruct mustn’t preclude anyone from pursuing educational opportunities beyond the confines of schools or colleges. Those seeking guidance within fields far removed from traditional academia are encouraged to explore alternate routes.
There’s no doubt that tutoring is a rewarding profession. However, finding clients shouldn’t limit you from reaching further milestones later in life. By taking advantage of the internet, you stand a chance of landing lucrative positions across industries that require advanced degrees – including medicine, law, business management and even engineering. Even though those jobs sound intimidating, they can also prove extremely rewarding thanks to lucrative salaries and generous benefits packages. Just picture yourself walking around campus wearing a suit. Instead of talking about last night’s episode, you’re discussing the next breakthrough treatment designed to cure cancer. Or instead of sitting in the library reading books about your favorite genre, you’re writing papers related to modern technology in collaboration with colleagues. Although it seems farfetched, it might actually happen – especially if you keep your eyes open. Don’t worry, you don’t even need any formal training in order to land these prestigious gigs. All you need is determination, perseverance and creativity combined with the self-confidence to go above and beyond. Your dreams can finally turn into reality starting today. Now let’s discuss how to actually monetize your passion without having to resort to scams or misleading tactics.
As mentioned earlier, most reputable companies prefer candidates with previous teaching/educational experience, although certain companies offer tuition reimbursement or incentives for current university grads who meet their qualifications. Some online websites claim to pair prospective tutors with those requiring coaching assistance, yet fail to disclose anything about the validity or background check procedures of hiring practices.

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