How to Find Good Tutors For Your Child’s Math Tutoring Needs

Finding quality tutoring services is essential if you want to give your child the attention they need at school and keep them motivated while studying. Read this article to learn more about finding the perfect math tutor for your family!


Finding a qualified tutor isn’t easy — especially if you don’t know how to get started. After all, parents aren’t necessarily equipped with extensive knowledge on how to distinguish reliable institutions from scams, nor do they usually understand their children’s specific academic concerns well enough to provide effective advice. What can really set apart good tutors from bad ones? In order to select the best math teachers for kids, it helps to recognize certain attributes of high caliber mathematics instructors.

How to Find a Tutor for Your Child

There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for class because you didn’t prepare adequately for lessons ahead. That being said, your children deserve the same support as everyone else – which means having access to a well qualified teacher who will help them reach their full potential.
Finding the ideal math tutor for your family doesn’t come easy though; that’s where you come in. There’s no doubt that you want to provide the very best education for your kids, however sometimes that might mean spending hours upon hours researching and searching through countless options until you finally settle on the perfect option for your child.
That being said, here are some ways to narrow down the search for the perfect math tutor for you and your kid.
Find Local Options
If you’re lucky enough to live near schools that offer good programs, then you’ve got some great resources at hand. Talk to other parents in the area about the programs offered, and ask which ones seem to work best. Ask around, talk to teachers, and read reviews online to figure out what kind of tutored program seems best suited to you and your little scholar.
Look Online
Another excellent source for finding tutors is the internet. With sites like Google Classroom offering a wide array of options, you can browse through different classes and pick the one with the curriculum that works best for you and your son/daughter. Additionally, you could use online platforms like Skillcrush ( to connect directly with a variety of tutors based on their specialties and interests. These options allow you to pick and chose the kind of tutor you’d prefer, whether it be a general interest or specific topic.
Check Out Classified Ads
This method isn’t exactly new, however it does still hold a lot of value. Many cities have classified sections within newspapers or magazines where you can post a job ad for tutors. Depending on the location and size city, you could even try posting a notice on Craigslist.

Tutoring Services: What They Offer

As technology continues to advance, there has been a dramatic change in the field of teaching over recent decades. While traditional classroom settings still play a large role in educating children, online courses are now becoming increasingly common. These virtual learning environments are proving effective in allowing individuals and companies alike to expand educational opportunities beyond conventional classrooms.
TutorOne offers a comprehensive list of tutors across many subject areas including science, mathematics, English language skills, business management, history and government affairs, among others. Our goal is to create a network of highly trained professionals who will cater to every student and client’s particular needs. Whether you’re interested in helping your teenager improve his grades, helping your child develop their reading proficiency or preparing a young adult student for university admissions tests, Tutor1 has something for everybody.

Choosing a Tutor

The right teacher can make learning fun or challenging. A great tutor has patience and listens attentively as children explain concepts and ask questions. They may help kids develop skills such as problem solving and critical thinking and encourage self confidence by giving positive encouragement, feedback and praise.
The following links provide information about choosing the best tutor for your student. Read through the tips carefully and select someone whose methods match your teaching style and your child’s educational goals.
1. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Check references, too. Some schools require that prospective teachers submit references. Others allow students to check them out themselves.
2. Look for teachers certified by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards who belong to state boards of licensing and meet requirements for continuing education. These standards apply throughout the United States.
3. Consider the age of your child and whether he/she prefers studying independently or being taught by another adult. Children who study alone tend to be independent learners. Those who prefer to sit still are often comfortable sitting beside an older sibling or friend while their parents watch TV. Younger siblings often enjoy being taught by younger peers.
4. Find a tutor who works for a university near your house or community center if you live far away. Most public schools require teachers to teach courses that correspond to college credits. Private tutors must complete training before taking on new students. Check with your nearest school district office for specific information.
5. Choose a tutor based upon his/her personality. Is s/he friendly, patient, energetic and organized? Does sb/he seem enthusiastic when talking about subjects you love? Can she relate to your kid? Does sb/he appear confident in front of a class full of nervous teens? Do you feel comfortable with her? Are there others in the classroom with whom your child feels comfortable?
6. Be sure sb/his credentials are current. Many tutors hold down multiple jobs, but only one requires certification.

How to Get Started

As you begin searching for qualified candidates to work with your children, it’s important to remember that some qualifications overlap between different fields of expertise. However, keep reading to learn more about certifications offered within each discipline.
Certification is becoming common in many fields. From the Certified Financial Planner™ to the Certified Nursing Leader®, certifying demonstrates knowledge beyond entry level competency. Certifiable professionals maintain a high standard of excellence by passing rigorous tests covering specialized areas of practice.
Math and science programs offer certificates in subjects related to mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, computer programming, robotics development, engineering design and many other STEM-related disciplines. The same goes for health sciences and nursing.
Reading specialist and language arts certificates demonstrate proficiency in English literature; grammar, composition, spelling or vocabulary instruction. Music classes cover theory and performance skills in various instruments including piano, violin, guitar, drums, clarinet and saxophone.
Psychology offers graduate-level degrees and master’s degree levels specifically focused on counseling psychology and clinical (mental) therapy. Public relations provides individuals with the skill sets necessary to write press releases, pitches, stories and reports for newspapers, magazines and companies seeking publicity. There are even bachelor’s degrees in communication studies, speech communications, public speaking and writing. Even though the field varies greatly, these academic paths prepare graduates to land careers requiring strong interpersonal relationships with clients.
To qualify as an expert in any given area, however, a candidate typically spends years mastering basic coursework before undergoing testing required for certification. After passing the test(s), candidates earn a credential demonstrating competence in certain subject matter. It’s no longer acceptable simply to memorize facts, formulas, etc., or to spend hours poring over books. Today, the goal is to possess the advanced techniques needed to perform well on exams designed to measure mastery – not merely recall. So, don’t miss deadlines…prepare, prep, prep!.

How to Get Started with Online Tutoring

Tutor One believes that learning happens naturally for kids who love being active learners.
Our tutors come direct from college campuses where they were awarded excellent marks for their outstanding performances and received letters of recommendation attesting to their professionalism.
When parents trust us with their families, the results speak for themselves. Families tell us every day that they would never have been successful without our assistance. TutorOne was founded based on the belief that helping others leads to happiness and success.
We believe in giving back, too. Since its launch 3 years ago, thousands of families across Canada and around the globe have benefited from TutorOne’s educational program.

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