Cost of Test Prep Tutoring in Canada | LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, GRE

Cost of Private Tutoring for Standardized Tests

Standardized test prep is quite expensive, if anything, it is probably the most expensive tutoring option in the market. However, one on one tutoring is the most effective method for a lot of people so therefore it is worth paying for it as long as you know how to maximally benefit from it.

  • MCAT Tutoring in Toronto and rest of Canada

MCAT test prep is no easy-peasy stuff. It is the most widely accepted medical school admission test in the whole world, especially in North America. If you want to get anything above 515, you are going to have to work really hard to accomplish this.

When it comes to the cost, Canada & US, you are looking at anywhere from $100 to $250/hour depending on what kind of tutor you are working with. Company tutors will have a set price based on a package that you purchase in advance – they will offer webinars, seminars, test materials and one on one tutoring. If you just benefit from one on one tutoring and you don’t want any of the fluff, you can do so by finding a private tutor who will customize everything for you. Check out for more information on their MCAT tutoring.

  • GMAT Tutoring in Ontario and the rest of Canada

GMAT, a lot of people’s biggest fear. This monstrous, logic based standardized test can be very nerve wracking if one does not know how to prepare for it properly. Most students, especially beginners, will need a lot of guidance at the beginning and this is when tutoring can be the most beneficial. Basically, holding students hand until they can walk on their own, i.e., use the right materials and take practice tests without a tutor.

The cost of GMAT tutoring is very similar to that of MCAT, but slightly cheaper. Professional tutors and companies can charge anywhere from $80 to $180 per hour of tutoring. You should always be smart and use your tutor to the best of your ability. Don’t know how? Contact us, or our affiliate company, ExamReady2day.

  • Tutoring Rates for GRE Test Prep

Again, we are looking at business schools. GRE is a more simplified version of GMAT, accepted by most Canadian universities. There are definitely more tutors available for GRE than for GMAT or MCAT. Therefore, the more supply, the lower the cost.

  • Tutoring Rates for LSAT Test Prep

In terms of difficulty, LSAT can be an equivalent to GMAT. They even share a lot of commonality in their verbal sections. Some TutorOne GMAT experts can also teach LSAT and Vice Versa. Cost of LSAT tutoring is in the same neighborhood as that of GMAT, $90-200/hour.

  • Tutoring Rates for SAT, SSAT, ACTGED

These subjects are much simpler to instruct and find tutors for than the ones mentioned above. Why? These are post high school requirements for university admissions in the United States predominantly. The cost for SAT, SSAT, ACT, GED tutoring can be anywhere from $60 to 80/hour depending on the company, or individual tutor in question.

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