7 Questions To Ask Your ESL Tutor Before Hiring Them

In order to help you decide whether or not a tutoring session would benefit you or your child as a learner, there are four key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Does it matter to me whether I live close to my tutor?
  2. Do I prefer short to long sessions?
  3. Will my schedule accommodate an hour or two of one on one attention, every week (not daily)?
  4. Am I okay waiting until after school each day — even though I might miss some non-academic opportunities at school–to study?

And now let’s dig deeper with 7 specific questions to ask any prospective ESL tutor.

1). What type of teaching method does/did [the tutor] use? Is it active or passive? Active vs Passive Learning Styles
2}. Which [learning methods] were used successfully in previous lessons and which did not succeed?
3). Are learning materials tailored specifically to the student, or was basic material reused over and again?
4). Did this tutor address all areas of knowledge and skills needed to succeed?
5). Was the tutor willing to discuss the difficulties faced during prior attempts?
6). Have they had success working with other students at a similar level?
7). Would he/she recommend another tutor based upon his/her experience?

For example, our ESL teachers use interactive activities throughout our lesson plan…and don’t use bookwork. They incorporate small group discussions between peers, practice exercises, games, quizzes, role playing, etc.. At the end of class you will often be given homework assignments which require either writing tasks, vocabulary lists or grammar drills. We review, test, repeat and reteach. Our English teachers can identify areas where improvement is required and will help you put practices in place to master all stages of your English learning adventure.

In summary, here are the general steps to taking advantage of tutors and tutoring services:

• Identify a local resource like a library branch or high school
• Call to ask questions, schedule appointments or check availability of instructors
• Determine when to enroll in the program, have a trial lesson and proceed with registration.

How Can I Find ESL Tutoring Near Me?

There’s only ever going to be certain times throughout your life where you may require personalized guidance. These periods range from school exams or university entrance requirements, job interviews or even preparing for professional qualifications. However, it can often prove difficult knowing whom to trust with providing you that extra bit of support required to succeed. Luckily at TutorOne ESL Tutoring Service, we pride ourselves on offering a reliable and trustworthy service that caters to every student no matter what stage of their education they might currently be at. Whether you are struggling to complete assignments within deadlines or simply wish to improve upon any subject area that requires additional study, we aim to cater to the specific needs of students at every level.

In addition to helping ESL pupils achieve academic success, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop self confidence and independence. Through our bespoke lesson plans we encourage children to learn in ways that they enjoy rather than having to follow strict guidelines. By tailoring our teaching style to suit individual learning preferences we give learners the chance to progress at their own level without feeling pressured to reach milestones too rapidly. At the end of each term, your child will leave us with a comprehensive record detailing everything they achieved during the course of tuition along with their overall grade. All records created by our experienced team members are 100% confidential and stored securely in line with current legislation.

If you would like to receive more information regarding TutorONE’s ESL IELTS CELPIP tutoring packages please call 1-888-356-0607 or visit our ESL tutoring page.

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