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We were founded to serve students and parents. That's why our first lessons are always FREE. Yes you read that right, we give you a Free no-obligation trial lesson to see if we're the right fit. On top of that we will do our very best to connect you with the private english tutor that will mesh best with your child!

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Why TutorOne?

Our Private French tutors are here to assist all children from elementary school to high school. Depending on how many students occupy a classroom, your child may not be getting the correct help he or she needs. This is becoming a huge problem as students’ progress academically. Our tutors are well-trained qualified to cover all aspects of French: from reading and comprehension to writing and grammar. Our French tutors are here to help your child fill in the gaps needed so they can achieve the success they desire.

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French Tutors for All Grades

Our In-Home and Online French Tutors are masters of reading, writing and literary comprehension. Our French Tutors are patient and will work with your child until the light bulb goes off!

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The Core French Program - Grades 4-8

Do you want your child to be a level 4 achiever in French throughout the entire school year? Even though mots kids do not like French instruction, our tutors are trained to make it fun, enjoyable and engaging. That is right - engaging is the key. In a society with many electronic devices and hence distractions, staying focused and engaged are very challenging tasks. Our Private, One on One French tutors know how to accomplish this. Want to see how? Book a Free Lesson Now.

The Extended French Program - Grades 4-8

We have Professional, Patient, Experienced and fluent French speakers to help your child in their French learning journey. Whether your child needs a few lessons to pass a test or requires steady support throughout the whole year, we are always here to help.

French Immersion - Grades 1 to 8

Is your child enrolled in French Immersion and requires a native French speaker with amazing teaching skills to succeed? We have what you need. All of our French Immersion Tutors are fluent speakers of this beautiful language and have the ability to teach your child the easy way. We understand that the Ontario French Immersion Program requires children to solve different tasks in another language, a language that did not grow up with. We therefore only hire empathic, native French speakers who have years of teaching experience and who know how to work with children in elementary and middle schools.

Meet Our Head French Tutor

Pascaline Le Bras

I am Pascaline, a passionate and enthusiastic French tutor! I am native from France who has been living in Toronto since 2011. With over 10 years work experience in the travel and sales industry, I have strong communication and customer service skills which allow me to create meaningful connections with my students. I am also a visual artist passionate about photography so I can use efficient creative ways to teach such rich and complex language. With a C1-C2 level for both the TEF (Test d'Evaluation du Français) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System), I can teach in a complete bilingual environment. Since 2020, I have worked with French Immersion and Core French students ranging from Grade 1 to 9. I also help university students and young adults to improve their communication in French as well as gaining confidence in their professional environment. My teaching methods vary with each student's needs so I make sure to adjust lessons based on everyone’s preferences and comfort. If you are a visual learner, I will emphasize this practice. If you are simply looking for improving your pronunciation and gaining more vocabulary, I will come up with interesting subjects to discuss. I am also proud of my heritage and will be happy to share bits of French culture and lifestyle. Did you know that French toast is actually “pain perdu” in France which means “lost bread”?! I'm here to give my students the best learning experience to help them improve their language skills with an empathetic approach.

Je suis Pascaline, une tutrice de français passionnée et enthousiaste! Je suis originaire de France et je vis à Toronto depuis 2011. Avec plus de 10 ans d'expérience professionnelle dans l'industrie du tourisme et de la vente, je possède de solides compétences en communication et en service à la clientèle qui me permettent de créer des liens significatifs avec mes étudiants. Je suis également une artiste visuelle passionnée de photographie, je peux donc utiliser des moyens créatifs efficaces pour enseigner cette langue si riche et complexe. Avec un niveau C1-C2 pour le TEF (Test d'Evaluation du Français) et l'IELTS (International English Language Testing System), je peux enseigner dans un environnement complètement bilingue. Depuis 2020, je travaille avec des élèves en programmes d'immersion et de français de base de la 1ère à la 9ème année. J'aide également des étudiants universitaires et des jeunes adultes à améliorer leur communication en français et à gagner en confiance dans leur environnement professionnel. Mes méthodes d'enseignement varient en fonction des besoins de chaque élève, je m'assure donc d'ajuster les cours en fonction des préférences et du confort de chacun. Si vous êtes un apprenant visuel, je mettrai l'accent sur cette pratique. Si vous cherchez simplement à améliorer votre prononciation et à acquérir plus de vocabulaire, je proposerai des sujets intéressants à discuter. Je suis également fière de mon héritage et serai heureuse de partager un peu de culture et du style de vie français. Saviez-vous que le pain perdu est en fait «pain perdu» en France, ce qui signifie «pain perdu»?! Je suis ici pour offrir à mes étudiants la meilleure expérience d'apprentissage afin de les aider à améliorer leurs compétences linguistiques avec une approche empathique.

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Our private French tutors do more than just tutor. They provide the necessary tools and motivation to drive your child to mathematical masterdom. Don't believe us? Contact us to book your FREE First Trial Lesson. Verified By The Best Toronto

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