7 Reasons Why TutorOne Tutors Are The Best in Canada

What Is a Tutor?

Many students find themselves needing a little help during school hours, which is why they turn to teachers as mentors, advisors and more. However, sometimes parents are seeking assistance too, particularly if they feel their children aren’t being challenged enough and/or are falling behind academically. That’s where private lessons come in. They provide personalized instruction that works around the student’s schedule and goals for each session. It helps them make greater progress towards meeting their overall academic goals.

TutorOne has compiled a list of over 100 online tutoring centers across Ontario offering a variety of subject areas including math, English and French language learning programs; science courses include biology, chemistry and physics; special ed classes focus on helping kids overcome reading or writing challenges; and business subjects range from accounting to economics to finance.

Some of the schools featured below offer in-person lessons in locations throughout Toronto as well. All of the schools listed on our website have been reviewed thoroughly before going public. That means you’re guaranteed a quality educational experience.

Why Use TutorOne for your private tutoring needs?

  1. Our online platform provides convenience to busy families.

    We make it easier and faster to connect one-on-one with a teacher that meets your individualized teaching requirements. Whether you prefer face time, phone calls, video chats, text chat sessions, emails or even homework assignments, we deliver. No matter which option you select, the results are excellent!

  2. TutorOne allows for customized lesson plans based on student performance and skill levels.

    Each session is tailored specifically for the child and the goal(s). This ensures success without wasting valuable class time and the precious hours your child spends away from his or her friends and peers.

  3. TutorOne offers flexible scheduling options for parents (we understand schedules change!).

    Parents can book lessons any day and at times that suit them best. With no minimum term length required, there’s room for flexibility, ensuring parents don’t miss an appointment simply due to unforeseen circumstances.

  4. Our network includes highly qualified Canadian instructors from university professors down to high school guidance counselors.

    Whether you require specialized attention, general education tutoring skills or assistance preparing for standardized tests—they’ve got you covered.

  5. You won’t receive generic answers here!

    At TutorOne, the tutor to student ratio is 1 to 1. Each instructor has their own unique teaching style and approach to every topic and assignment. So rest assured, you’re only speaking to the person who understands exactly what’s needed for successful completion of your coursework.

  6. TutorOne uses state of the art tutoring technology.

    Therefore allowing the instructor to monitor your child remotely via webcam, microphone and audio recording software. This enables TutorOne to address issues immediately rather than waiting until the parent picks up on their voicemail.

  7. TutorOne provides ongoing support to ensure your child learns effectively and efficiently.

    After signing up and completing the necessary registration steps, you’ll become eligible for online training materials such as study guides, practice exercises, flash cards and more. These resources are provided directly to your account after payment processing is complete. There’s never a charge and the support team is accessible 24hours per day 7 days a week.

  8. TutorOne offers a variety of educational opportunities.

    These include English language courses (both French/English dual immersion), General Math, Science, History & Geography; Business Skills (Accountancy – Taxation – Bookkeeping); Arts & Humanities (Art /Music Lessons); Test Prep (Math SAT ICS ATB ACT GRE GMAT TOEFL CBEST ESOL PTE CPE DIPLOMA OPI VCE etc.)

What type of Tutor Do You Need?

Do you require specialized assistance in one specific area(s) of interest? Perhaps you would benefit from lessons tailored specifically towards test preparation or improving upon existing skills? Or maybe you simply wish to enrich academic knowledge as well broaden horizons? Whatever subject matter you choose – there is sure to be a tutoring company dedicated to addressing your needs. Simply select whether you prefer Online or Local tutoring sessions, or even request tutors based within close proximity of your current location.

Our goal here is to connect you with high quality teachers who specialize in your desired field. From Accounting to Biology to Computer Programming – no topic is too big, small, complex or simple for any of our instructors to provide expert instruction in.

Tutoring Costs

With prices starting at $35 per session, it doesn’t come cheap finding a top notch instructor to teach you or guide you toward achieving your dreams. Our pricing structure allows students to access only the highest caliber teaching talent without breaking the bank and provides flexibility around payments and schedules. With a wide range of packages available to suit student budgets, learning costs are kept low ensuring affordability regardless of personal circumstances.

For example, let’s assume you wish to pursue music lessons. Depending on your chosen provider you might receive anywhere from 30 minutes lessons (@ $39 per hour rate) to 1-hour lessons each week ($89 per lesson).

Bookings Made Easy

In order to ensure timely delivery of tutoring sessions , our team has made booking appointments quick and convenient. No bookings are required – simply browse our listings page to view availability for upcoming dates and times, make arrangements with your tutor by booking online, call ahead or send us an email directly. Once scheduled, all TutorOne tutors have 24 hours notice to cancel their slots.

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