How To Teach English as a Business

Learn how to run a successful ESL (English Language School) from the founder who has been teaching this industry since 2012! Discover tips and techniques you should use when running an online school/language learning center such as yourself.


In order for students to learn another language, whether it involves traveling internationally for business purposes or simply wanting to master their native tongue, the student must first have access to high quality lessons. Luckily, a simple Google search provides answers and leads to numerous sites offering free or paid classes on almost any language. Even though these programs may seem convenient because they allow users unlimited access to the class content, they often fall short due to poor instruction, lack of qualified teachers, outdated materials, or the inability to connect with local peers through social media. In contrast, an e-learning program offers the same level of convenience yet ensures effective and consistent education. An e-Learning site allows individuals flexibility in terms of scheduling and accessibility, while simultaneously promoting community interaction amongst both instructors and learners. Additionally, an e-Learning platform saves instructor resources because materials don’t have to be printed and distributed. Finally, the price point for hosting an online education program is significantly cheaper than brick & mortar schools.

How to Teach English as a Business?

There are many ways to earn money as an ESL teacher but there are two main options; either teach one-on-one classes OR become an instructor with an established language learning website. Both options offer different benefits depending upon what works best for YOU…but here are five things every Canadian must learn BEFORE starting any business. 1.) Get Local. Even though Canadians live across the entire country, the majority prefer living close to friends, family and other trusted members of society. So when choosing an area to establish your ELL, be sure that your chosen city offers low cost accommodations (bed & breakfast), restaurants, museums, theaters, parks, etc…
What Are Some Of The Main Reasons Why People Have Difficulty Learning English?
The following reasons account for almost half of all cases involving foreign learners struggling to master the English language:
Lack of motivation due to poor self-esteem, stress levels and confidence. These individuals lack the determination needed to achieve success. Therefore, they cannot muster enough energy to pursue learning opportunities despite being motivated to succeed academically or professionally. They avoid studying even after taking a test as they believe they failed. However, without this extra effort, chances are they would never pass an examination again. Such feelings contribute largely towards their inability to develop effective study habits.
In fact, most adults suffer from mild anxiety during exam periods and feel helplessness to improve their own performance. Furthermore, research shows that nearly 50% of students who fail an exam report feeling nervous and overwhelmed prior to and on testing day.
Thus it seems logical that failing exams increases anxiety rather than it reducing it. On top of that, studies show high failure rates cause a student to internalize negative thoughts regarding his/her abilities. Hence, he is reluctant to try anything new. This leads him/her to perform below par. Moreover, fear and frustration result in reduced concentration. Thus, any external factor causing anxiety hinders a person’s ability to focus effectively.

How To Start An English Language School

Starting an ESL program requires lots of planning and preparation. Before launching the program, you need to understand the target demographics well. You have three major choices when deciding on location: 1. Local schools – If there is no public elementary or secondary educational institution near you, this option might be worth considering. Otherwise, be prepared to spend significant amount of money renovating existing structures.
When running an independent school, however, you need to decide whether to enroll children locally or abroad. The latter choice gives you the advantage of having access to international markets. Nevertheless, you will lose control over admissions, recruitment and tuition fees.
Another issue worth considering is the distance between clients and teachers. If your target demographic lives far away, transportation costs might prevent families from sending their kids to class regularly. The same goes for parents whose schedules are too flexible for commuting twice daily.
Finally, you ought to decide among several factors. First, how big are your classrooms? Second, are your teachers paid per hour or per lesson? Third, how does payment structure relate to attendance? Fourth, are you allowed to hire additional staff? Fifth, what level of training is required for each teacher? Finally, how long does it take to train newcomers?
For instance, if your target group lives overseas, you shouldn’t hesitate to recruit internationally. After all, it’s easier for parents to send their children to schools located closer to their current residences. If you are willing to provide free childcare services, your expenses should plummet and you can enjoy greater flexibility with regard to scheduling lessons.
If none of the above mentioned locations satisfy your criteria, think about setting up shop in another region within the country, preferably close to large cities, airports, highways and mass transit lines.
How Much Does Running An ESL Program Cost Per Month?
Starting a school is extremely expensive. As a general rule, you can expect to fork out $10,000-$20,000 USD per month for rent alone.

How To Get Started As an ESL Teacher Online

Teaching online courses means a lot of stress. However, as long as you follow certain principles and rules, you’ll enjoy success. Below are some ideas that helped me during my first year as an online instructor.
As a tutor, you need to prepare material ahead of time as soon as the semester begins, especially if one course lasts only four weeks instead of nine months. Be sure to include any necessary handouts, assignments, study materials, quizzes, etc. Also keep track of your progress throughout the term so that you don’t fall behind! To avoid delays, try to schedule tutoring sessions every two days. Even though students have the freedom to ask questions whenever they feel like it, a scheduled session helps improve communication. Also, remember that students tend to stay longer after their tutorial appointments. So, consider holding regular office hours as often as possible. Lastly, plan your assignments around specific student timescales and deadlines. That way, your students can complete their tasks more easily and efficiently.
What Is My Target Audience & Why Should They Care About Me?
To establish authority in your field, you must choose a niche carefully. If you fail to define clearly who you are catering toward, people will not know what kind of products or services you offer. Furthermore, without proper differentiation, prospects will wonder whether you are offering solutions similar to the ones being offered by others.
So before selecting a niche, you should determine precisely whom you would serve. Do thorough research regarding competitors’ profiles; learn how they present themselves and what motivates their core audiences. Find ways to differentiate yourself as well and focus exclusively on serving individuals or companies interested in solving unique challenges. Think about whom you’d love to help. Who is missing from the marketplace today and what would he or she value in order to succeed?
What Types Of Courses Can I Offer?
Before starting your own language academy, it’s a wise idea to conduct market research.

How To Get Traffic And Leads For ESL School

There are various methods to attract new clients and generate leads for ESL schools including paid advertising and SEO strategies. We’ll show you how to implement each technique step by step.
How Much Will This Take Up?
In general, online education costs less compared to traditional classroom settings. But there are other factors that affect tuition prices such as number of lessons per week, the length of classes, the number of teachers required for the program, location cost, materials fees and other expenses.
When choosing between online education and conventional classrooms, it is essential to compare both options before committing to either option so you understand whether you would benefit financially with each method.
When Is The Right Time To Start An ESL Classroom?
The ideal timing to open an ESL class depends upon your personal goals and business plans. Some businesses prefer setting up online courses as soon as possible, while others wait until their current employees retire.
If you decide to launch a new business, the sooner you begin, the faster you reach profitability. On average, online schools earn more than $5,000 USD monthly within three months following their opening date.
However, if you intend to expand your existing business model, online courses might require additional resources and planning time.

Tips & Tricks to Build Your Business

5 Ways To Build An Effective Business

1 – Find the Right Type of Workforce
Having quality teachers is one of the biggest factors for success in any business. Most businesses struggle early on because there isn’t necessarily enough qualified workforce to meet demand. However, starting an ESL / EFL school means being able to attract highly skilled and experienced candidates without having to spend significant amount of capital upfront. Learn how to prepare for this initial hurdle step by step.
2 – Set Up Shop Properly
Setting up shop properly ensures clients are satisfied after entering the classroom by putting together the perfect environment that matches their learning style. Understand the different elements needed for each type of learner and create the ideal atmosphere with the best technology tools. Also learn what they look for when choosing an institution during their training journey.
3 – Create High Quality Training Materials
High quality materials helps keep teacher trainees motivated throughout long term projects. Creating high quality lesson plans and engaging activities keeps learners interested until completion day and beyond. Keep students excited with creative writing assignments on topics related to language studies and help develop critical thinking skills through collaborative exercises.
4 – Have Effective Career Development Strategies
Career development strategies encourage trainees towards achieving career goals and give new graduates valuable experience to launch them into the competitive field. Learn about the various careers options that exist within an ESL context and provide practical advice on how to stand out from other institutions in order to land the dream jobs. Students will be guided towards becoming self employed upon graduation by developing a unique skill set and strong communication to present themselves professionally and confidently.
5- Be Open With Their Future Job Opportunities
Tutoring companies offer high quality services to individuals who aspire to become fluent speakers of two languages but might lack formal education or personal resources required for foreign immersion. Although tutoring work offers flexible hours, it still poses challenges including recruiting quality employees, establishing proper compensation and scheduling schedules in line with international standards.

Building An Effective Business

With technology moving forward at breakneck speed, everyone seems eager to learn new skills and adopt different jobs. However, one skill that remains unchanged throughout history is language fluency. There is no denying that understanding another culture is key in any field whether it be business, education, politics or whatever. Learning languages offers numerous benefits including increasing communication levels between different cultures, developing cultural awareness and improving one’s personal growth. Not only that, but by pursuing other careers within the EFL sector like tutoring or conducting research, learners acquire knowledge of specific topics that allow them to communicate effectively. Thus, they have gained various academic degrees that lead them straight to becoming effective teachers in their own countries. Furthermore, being exposed to foreign cultures through exposure to their native speakers allows individuals to develop valuable skills including empathy and tolerance towards people of other races and ethnicities. These benefits help foster unity among diverse groups of society.
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