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    It is important that a child's learning needs are met in his or her classroom. A child that does not have its needs met in the classroom leads to he or she receiving low marks. When the child struggles, he or she can lose interest and become disengaged in learning. At TutorONE, we provide private tutoring services in Whitby for students of all age groups, suitable for your child's needs so he or she can get a strong understanding of the curriculum.

    Subject Specific Tutoring Services In Whitby

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    Math Tutoring Whitby

    Learning can be entertaining instead of being hard and stressful. Our tutors at TutorOne Whitby know that math can be a not so fun subject to learn. The reason being it can be frustrating is because the classroom teacher may not be adjusting its style of teaching suitable for your child's academic needs. Our tutors are able to make the proper adjustments and teach your child the areas of math he or she needs assitance in -  in a way they can understand.


    English & ESL Tutoring Whitby

    English is Canada's first native language - it is a required language to speak. Not to mention, it is a cumpolosory subject students have  to take from grade 1 to 12 and even continues in post-secondary education. TutorONE Whitby is devoted in assisting students and individuals excel in all areas of English such as writing, reading and speaking. We want the students we teach to thrive in this subject area so it can benefit them in the long run.


    Science Tutoring Whitby

    Science contains 3 branches: Biology, Physics and Chemistry that are meshed together. As a result, each contain a substantial amount of information to learn from. At TutorOne Whitby, our tutoring services are offered to those who seek help but even to those who are working towards a career in science such as a surgeon. Our tutors give A+ advice and teach you in a way where learning is easy for your child to understand. Our services can meet your child's learning needs. TutorONE in Whitby can help your child grow as a learner and be able to gain an efficient understanding of science as a whole.


    French Tutoring Whitby

    In Ontario, a general core French program starts in grade 4. At TutorONE Whitby we send a message that no individual is too young or old to learn French. Our French tutoring services are versitaille as our tutors can teach in ways that will meet the learning needs of both children and adults. Parents want to witness their children be successful in the classroom just as much as children wanto see their parents succeed. We understand how hands-on  this task can be, and that is when we step in and be of help and assitance for your child. Our Whitby French tutors display a strong sense of professionalism as well as the skill of being fluent in French. We provide French Immersion tutoring services to you and your child's liking, that way your child being bilingual can benefit his or her employment in the future.

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