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Breaking Down the Cost of Private Tutoring In Canada (Updated 2019)


Parent looks frantically at their child’s report card.

Why Suzy why?

Suzy: Mom, I’ll do better next time. * Looks to infer a suggestion of better performance on her next report card. *


Parents look unimpressed, as they motion to their private search assistant, Google, to save the day…

Aside: Back in the day I would have been grounded for two months for getting anything less than a B. But thankfully, for the most part, times have changed.

That said, students are distracted more than ever. Peer pressure, anxieties at home and failures of the past keep students in a rut that few can get out of without some personalized mentorship catered to bring out the abilities and skill sets they never knew they had.

While that is one of the most common reasons parents and guardians look for private tutors, few know the costs associated with private tutoring, especially in 2019.

The Costs of Private Tutoring Services in Canada depend on numerous factors that are usually coupled together to determine a set hourly rate for the student in question.

Now many people start out searching for tutors in their city on Kijiji or search engines like Google.

Here you might be able to find the cheapest tutoring option. However, on the other end, just because you’re paying someone $20-30 per hour, doesn’t mean he/she knows what they’re doing.

If you’re the type of parent who wants to see measurable results in your child’s educational progression, then you may want to consider a tutoring agency solution to meet your child’s private and independent learning needs.

Cost of Private Tutoring Broken down by Type (Online vs In-Home Tutoring)

Firstly, on average, you usually pay more than Kijiji tutors for anyone on one tutoring session. This is not set in stone, but if they’re a reputable company who takes time to better improve their tutors on a 1-on-1 level, then you’re looking to pay anywhere from $45 to $75 an hour for professional in-home private tutoring.

For professional (high-quality) online tutoring services, look to pay anywhere between $45 and $65 hourly.

Well, what if you decide to go the online route? Most companies in Canada, especially in Toronto and surrounding areas have adopted an average price for private online tutoring services that starts around $50/hour and can move all the way up to $80/hour depending on the subject area and difficulty level of the tutoring sessions required.

These rates are dependent on four main metrics: subject area, tutor experience, private tutoring type (in-home or online) and location.

Cost of Private Tutoring Broken Down by Subject

On average private math tutoring, Computer Science and Engineering tutoring services are the most expensive subjects to get tutored for in Toronto (at the university level).  Generally, Math and Physics in-home tutoring sessions are priced higher than chemistry, biology or English/ESL tutoring services. This pricing is heavily dependent on the experience of the tutor needed to effectively explain difficult math and physics subject in a fashion that breeds learning and understanding.  For elementary school tutoring, generally speaking, the cost is relatively consistent for all subjects.

  • Cost of Math Tutoring Services

    – Both private and online math tutoring services (including sessions at math learning centres) in the Greater Toronto Area average around $60/hour. Proper math foundations are essential at every educational level.
  • Cost of University Calculus Tutoring

    – This and essay writing are two of the most common areas undergraduates seek Tutors for. The cost of University calculus tutoring at the post-secondary level averages around $75/hour.
  • Cost of Advanced Science Tutoring Services (Chemistry & Physics)

    – The cost of private science tutoring services will vary by difficulty of the course in question. It is safe to say that the average private science tutoring agency charges $65/hour. At TutorOne we provide you with high quality chemistry, biology, physics and general science tutoring services for a fraction of the price.
  • Cost of English/ESL Tutoring, Reading Help & Essay Writing Services

    – In Canada, ESL tutoring services are usually more expensive than regular English tutoring for elementary or high-school students. Adult ESL tutoring services usually averages to that of advanced university level History, English and Essay Writing tutoring services.

Cost of Private Tutoring Broken Down by Difficulty

Generally, not all tutoring sessions are the same. Private Tutoring is special in that the degree of difficulty is heavily dependent on the personal needs of the student and the tutor’s ability to effectively meet those needs, and all other concerns that would arise. Consequently, at Tutor One we offer Free in-home assessments to remove any bias from private tutoring by connecting your student with the best tutor that has been trained to meet their needs and match their personalities.

Difficulty of in-home and private tutoring at the subject level increases with age and course material. For example, an undergraduate calculus tutor is expected to have mastered the more advanced parts of calculus or related mathematics and be able to apply it in a manner that promotes understanding and growth to a university level student. Because there is a high academic level of mastery required to successfully tutor a university calculus student, the hourly wage for most university and post-secondary private and online tutors is higher than regular high-school or elementary math tutoring services.

  • Cost of Private Elementary School Tutoring:

    Private tutoring for elementary school tutoring is heavily dependent on the level of tutoring required. Generally, for a good private tutor this can be anywhere between $45/hr and $55/hr.
  • Cost of Private High School Tutoring:

    Private High School tutoring increases with subject and difficulty. On average, the highest private in-home high school tutoring services are for grade 12 AP/IB subjects like AP Calculus, Chemistry, Biology & Physics. Most university and college level private high school tutoring services in Canada can range anywhere between $54/hr and $64/hr.
  • Cost of Private University Tutoring:

    Generally, university level tutoring cost is 1-2 times higher than regular and advanced level high school tutoring. At TutorOne, all private university level Tutoring begins at $69/hour. The industry standard for private tutoring services ranges from $65 all the way up to $175 hourly depending on the subject area tutored and the qualifications of the tutor in question.

How is Tutor One different?

All our tutors are artificially intelligent run humanoids programmed to make your child succeed.

Just kidding.

At Tutor One we hire graduate level or higher tutors which are masters in their given subject areas. Currently, we have Ontario Certified Teachers, Medical Residents, Lawyers and PhD students on staff. Our clients love our services because we take it personally to connect you with the best tutor, the first time. We are a level above the other tutoring companies in Canada and the Greater Toronto Area because all our tutors are masters in more than one subject and have success at tutoring students at all age and skill levels.

With the advent of machine Learning and artificial intelligence, some say private tutoring and independent learning will go through another phase of reform.

Maybe, computer run A.I. systems will be the teachers of students in the future?

While we wait at the onset of such changes, one fact is sure. Private tutoring services in Toronto, Canada and the United States are growing and will keep on affecting young minds for generations to come. Do you agree with our cost breakdown of private tutoring services in Canada? Do you think the need for private tutoring services will increase or decrease in the near future? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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