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    Grades 1-6Grades 7-8Grades 9-10Advanced FunctionsData ManagementStatisticsCalculus - Grade 12Advanced Calculus


    General Science: Grades 1-12BiologyChemistryPhysicsOrganic ChemistryBio ChemistryGeneticsNeurosciencePsychologyBioinformaticsComputer Science

    English & Social Science

    ESLReadingWritingEssay WritingLiteratureGrades K-6Grades 7-10Grades 11-12HistoryAnthropologySociologyPhilosophyReligious Studies


    ReadingWritingEssay WritingGrades K-6Grades 7-10Grades 11-12

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    How much do tutors make at TutorOne?
    The average hourly rate for tutors in Canada varies depending on the subject matter. For example, a tutor who specializes in teaching math may charge a higher rate than a tutor who specializes in teaching English. In general, the hourly rate for tutors ranges from $20 to $100 per hour.
    There are a number of factors that affect how much tutors make. The most important factor is the subject matter. Tutors who teach in-demand subjects, such as math or science, can charge higher rates than tutors who teach less popular subjects. Another important factor is the tutor's experience and qualifications. Tutors with more experience and better qualifications can charge higher rates than those with less experience or fewer qualifications.
    Finally, the location of the tutor also affects how much they make. Tutors who live in major metropolitan areas, such as Toronto or Vancouver, can charge higher rates than those who live in smaller cities or towns. This is because tutors in major cities have a larger pool of potential students to choose from, and they can charge premium rates for their services. Standardized test prep tutors make significantly more money than tutors who provide general academic assistance. This is because test prep is a highly specialized field, and tutors who are able to help students improve their test scores can command premium rates.